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Coral trading forum/site?

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  • Coral trading forum/site?

    I thought it'd be cool if we could make a site that would allow ZEO users to post what corals and frags they are looking at trading and selling.

    Anyone here want to team up with me and get this done?

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    that would be cool Sean, count me in...

    how about ?



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      I can do alot of DB and web programming, someone else could come up with a site design...


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        why not do it here with in - as a new sub forum?


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          we are talking about this currently. Give it a few days before you spend time on it, b/c we may just add it here.


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            PM sent Sean..



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              Tonka, I'm not talking about a forum.

              I'm talking about a ZEO or a ZEO ebay type deal.

              Or better yet, ZEO

              Where you can say: "Damn Edward has a nice tank" *click* *select* and it lists what frags and how much Edward is selling.


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                I understand what you are talking about, but why a completely different site? I would think that if it is thought out and planned out, we could have something like that here - it would be more convenient. The nice thing about this site is we have pretty much a blank slate and with the right people, can make almost anything happen.


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                  It doesn't have to be a new site, but this site is just a complete forum, you'd need space to design the selling aspect.

                  I can do alot of work on my private server and move completed projects to a bigger version so its possible to build the site offsite and then move it here and have the mods reconstruct the page to work with it.

                  Heres my idea (still under development in my head):
                  People create accounts, have tank bios and history. List frags and prices and people can view them by type, person..etc. Anyways, when someone wants frags, they select what they want and click buy, it sends a special message to say "Sean" and when I log in I see that "Edward" is interested in these pieces, once I have the money, I click the accept transaction bottom on my message, it removes those frags from sales. The site would be completely automated for those who have little web knowledge, like you tonka :P

                  Anyways, I have tons of ideas.

                  If the admins are interested, I'm willing to commit some time to DB and site development. Php, SQL and Oracle are my web areas. I can recreate all those RC "tools" for this site if you're interested.

                  Oh! like a doser calculation, fill out a form and it gives you the dose of ZEO for your tank.


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                    LOL - Sean, I have said it before, you have way too much time on your hands! You need to get back up here and finish my frag tank while I finish my house!


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                      Its ironic isn't it?

                      I have too much time on my hands, but when I need to get something done I can't find the time.

                      I need a girl to help me organize my time. If I had better time management I'd take one a couple of my pending web development contracts, theres some good $$ in those, I wish I could have you come in and help out bud

                      The tools I'm talking about could be done in minutes to a few days, depending on how complex. Just offering my services.


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                        you know if you had a girl, you would no longer have any time for anything but HER


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                          No complaint here

                          Hey Mods, I just realized theres a longue, mind moving this there?



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                            It has been moved.. again just to let others know we are talking about this give us a day or so to come up with a solution.



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                              Scott, what exactly are you guys discussing? Can you let us in on what is happening?

                              Like I said before, I'll offer my services as a programmer to help advance the site.