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    I was just going through some old pics of mine on my PC.. Couple yrs ago the wife and I were flying out of Miami back here to chiago.. During the flight, about 20 minutes in the pilot comes on the speaker. He says we have a special annoucement to make.. I am like WTF are we going to crash or what.. Then the pilots tells us its a special treat.. The space shuttle was lauching in like 10 minutes and we would be able to see it on our side of the plane.. I was like cool as hell but damn we have to be far away for the shuttle to launch incase of an accident.. The pilot explains we are roughly 120 miles away from Cape Canaviral. I was like damn we will not see anything from that far away.. Well I was watching my watch and knew the time was coming up.. All of the sudden its like the damn sun was coming up from a 120 miles away.. The flames were huge and I had NO idea at all that I would be able to see it and see how brite is was from that far away.. Anyways here is a pictire of it flying into the heavens from my seat on a 737. The flame had to be miles long..

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    Yeah, I got to go down there and watch a night launch. It was amazing. We were the closest you could be and when those boosters hit it was completely light outside, then you could feel the warmth.

    It was ridiculous. Truely an amazing thing.


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      Yea for sure.. The power has to be just unbelievale to say the least.. I can't believe how fast it was going when we lost site of it..


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        Thats pretty cool! I live in south west florida and when they launch at night if there are no clouds you can see it from here! Thats all the way across the state and a bit south! Pretty amazing.

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          I've only seen it land here in CA. We drove out for the first landing of the shuttle at Edwards AFB.
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