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    I know a couple of you guys are VW fans - Dana wants to get a convertible bug and I know occasionally car forums have some good deals. So, what are some good VW boards?

  • #2 is the best bar none.. I am gqjeff there also... Here are a couple pics of my vw and the wifes audi...

    With my old wheels...

    Think I am going ot buy some new Brocks or Schmidt deep dish again this summer...

    Peace, Jeff


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      thanks for the link - you will probably see me lurking over there...

      and nice rides!!


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        TY, Matt


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          Even though im a Honda Guy Jeff, I love my Integra. I have to give you some props for a car that is tastefully done Theres too many imports around with too much crap added to them, but stock with subtle changes is my style.

          Tank Specs:60g Cube SPS/Clam tank, ASM G1x Skimmer, DIY ZEOvit Reactor, 1x400w EVC 14k, Marine Life Aquatics CR-250 CaRx (RIP)

          Not sure yet.....Build Thread to come!


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            Sean, Ty.. All the stuff on my ride is from germany.. Most kits fit like crap but this ones like a glove... My 240 sps tank is a stage 3 turbo that was going on my ride hahahah.. I will have to save up again for it... Just spent 3500 on the tranny in July last yr getting it ready for the power too.. Oh well all I need is to get the engine were I want it.. the car handles like it on rails with the coilovers and sways and strut tower bar.. I have done work to the engine also but the stage 3 was going to take my car over the edge...


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              Nice car Jeff, I liked your older wheels better But still a nice ride.

              I definitely want to get a GTI sometime in my lifespan, not a big fan of 4 doors...


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                Yea thats why I am looking into the brocks or schmidts.. I will post a pic of the wheels I am looking at...


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                  Definitely prefer the schmidts; nice rims!


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                    8.5' front with 10" rears.. Thats why I sold my other deep dish wheels.. I like stagger and they were straight 8.5" on all corners...


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                      I've always like axis wheels - had a pair on my old 350Z

                      Jeff - these would look pretty sweet on your ride - talk about a nice lip!!!



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                        Yea I like Axis aswell.. Nice wheels... Supermesh are sweet..


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                          Oh come on Tonka, we all know the covert. bug is for you; I do want to ride in it though

                          I'm thinking of getting some 22''s for my 99' Altima..


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                            clean jetta jeff! is that a caractere aero kit?

                            i think the brocks you posted look better out of the two, although for schmidts these are my all time favorites

                            one of my vw buddies just got a feature article in eurotuner



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                              Yea its the caractere kit.. I have had it on the car for a couple yrs now.. Yea I like the brock b2's myself... That in this months? I get eurotuner...