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    We have upgraded your PM list to store 100 messages. Remember if you have 50 stored and 50 in sent you’re full. So make sure to delete your sent folder and you will have room for 50 more to save. We have also included for free unlike RC the ability to download your pm's. Log into you User CP then private messages, look at the bottom you will notice
    Download all Private Messages as :
    XML | CSV | Text

    I use CSV that is the file extension for Excel, so it will open up in there already in cells, so it looks nice and neat to view. I would suggest you download them once a month or so. We will prune them every 3-4 months to help with the storage on the server, less storage = faster and more enjoyable time on the server for you. I will send out an email to everyone 1 week prior to doing this as well as make a post. Since we are not making you pay for the download pm's we just ask that you don’t mind us pruning them (deleting them) don’t worry we can’t read them, it’s a button I click on the server and it deletes them from the server, so no one can read your pm's only you can.

    Team ZEOvit