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Ok Ladies - Heres a dating question.

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  • Ok Ladies - Heres a dating question.

    So the time has come in my posting lifespan to post a relationship question because I am completely unable to do anything by myself

    I like a girl , we've hung out, how do I know if shes interested?

    We studied for an exam together the other day and we kept getting off subject and we'd talk about dating etc and whenever I'd say something she say "Oh my god thats so me!" or something to that effect.

    I don't want to come right out and say "Hey, I like you"; whats a good way to probe the water first to make sure it's safe to jump in? Most of you are married or in a serious relationship so I'm really hoping to get your input.


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    Sean... she just wants to get into your pants. Dont let her get to you as she's probably out for one thing.... sex!


    jk! Back to reality. Honestly, just be yourself. You will find someone as compatible as you and it could be her or it probably isnt. Thats one of life's obstacles and that is to find yourself a mate. Just let things happen and when you get the some clues, respond to them. Also, speak your mind sometimes. Some girls fall in love with you when you say, I LOVE YOU.. and some think you are looney. It all depends on the girl. Its too soon to tell what she's thinking. Just play it cool and respect her and things will follow.


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      Watch for the hand drag my friend.

      If she touches you do her hands leave your body instantly and go from there to not their or does she drag them for a second on your arm or leg or whatever, before she stops touching you. The hand drag is infamous among the ladies.
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        Edward, I don't think I'm going to complain about

        Brad, I don't know I'll have to pay more attention next time.


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          Brads right about the hand - the other is, when you guys are done doing whatever it might be - ie studying for the exam - when you both go your seperate ways, watch her. If she looks back as she has walked away, she's interested.


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            OK, first off take this with a major grain of salt b/c I've been married A LONG time and I don't really remember much about dating. But, uh, why not just ask her out? What's the worst thing that'll happen?
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              And if she says no slip her a roofie* hahahaha.. jk.. but hey she will say she likes you then lol

              * I don’t not support the use of roofie’s, never have never will, take what I say with a grain of salt, I am married therefore I have to live out my fantasies through young people that have a life and still have fun .


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                Scott, whenever I read that I keep reading the same thing, correct me if I'm wrong, but are you asking me to slip YOU a roofie? It's not going to happen man, not unless you're giving me some awesome SPS.

                Moon, thats coming, but I have to be covert first, recon man! RECON!

                Matt, I forgot about the whole looking back part, good one!


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                  Originally posted by SeanCallan
                  Scott, whenever I read that I keep reading the same thing, correct me if I'm wrong, but are you asking me to slip YOU a roofie? It's not going to happen man, not unless you're giving me some awesome SPS.

                  Not me you freak, her! Unless you are 5'10 with big you know whats, then I will stick with my wife, who doesnt care and says "Its not the size that matters honey, its the motion in the Ocean" Dont want to have to re-train a girl to lie to me like that all over again, 6 years with the same one, is long enough I dont want to start over, plus my 14 month old= 16 years 10 months of child support lmao. haha..

                  Have fun bro, I did in college, girls love College Athletes, banging parties was how I got a lot of chicks to have fun, we had kegger weekly at my pad. Ask her out you Ninny!.



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                    I can't wait till I have a better pad next year for parties. My current roommates suck and could seriously ruin anything good

                    I'm not a college athlete, but she sees me at the gym all the time and knows I'm in good shape.

                    I'm like 5'8 and I have a huge you know what..
                    on that note, I need to get taller, seriously, grow damn me grow! If I end up as tall as Tonka my whole life, I'm bond to take out my agression on him! :smash:


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                      Bro, just ask her out.. While you are sitting around beating around the bush someone else will come in and scopp her up.. Just ask her if she would like to go to a movie and dinner.. No harm in that.. Plus if it doesn't work out you do not waste a ton of time and effort. I agree with Scott, being a college wrestler D-1 the ladies seemed to flock to our pad hehehe.... Damn I would give anything to be in college again hahahah.. I am sure half of us old farts would....


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                        Yeah you guys are really old, must suck .


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                          32, yep all downhill from here...Married with kid and 2 dogs... My life is set hehehe.... Bro ask her out before someone else does.. That is part of the dating scene, asking ladies out.. Do not be a weenie and sit back and let someone else get to her first.. Step UP be a man bro....


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                            I got such a kick out of the bar scene back in the early eighties. I good friend of mine and I would go out to clubs and we certainly would not be considered studs (at the time ). We were the ones always dancing with the best lookers and rarely were we "lonely" because of our "no fear" approach. This while the guys that thought they were the "gift" leaned on the bar waiting to be approached.
                            Our motto was always that if we missed a chance we would always be behind as that missed chance can never be replaced or made-up.

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                            ...Charles F. Kettering


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                              Steve my thoughts exaclty.. Even though my wife did approach me at a club.. Look 8 yrs later we are married and doing well....
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