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Planning to begin ZEOvit (review my schedule)

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  • Planning to begin ZEOvit (review my schedule)

    Hi everyone – I have the ZEOvit Basic 4. The Zeobak is in the fridge and the rest is sitting on my canopy. Sunday, I put in the remaining amount of Phosban to finish before I begin ZEOvit. I’m happy how my tank is currently running, but I’ve read many positive experiences using ZEOvit. Enough of the small talk for now, please review my planned ZEOvit schedule (item #23) and let me know what you think. Thanks!!
    1. Gross water volume:
    2. Net water volume:
    3. Ca/Alk supplementation:
      2-part (currently B-Ionic; planning to switch to Randy Holmes’s homemade recipe)
    4. PO4 reactor:
      None, but I have Phosban running passively in the sump
    5. Ozone:
    6. UV:
    7. Skimmer:
      EuroReef ES5-2 (rated for 75G)
    8. Nutrient Levels:
      PO4: 0.02 (before new Phosban media replacement on Sunday)
      NO3: 0 (undetectable)
    9. Parameters:
      Ca: 430
      Alk: 7
      Mg: 1400
    10. Filtration method:
      Berlin method; carbon running passively in the sump
    11. Light:
      250w DE AC14k (2 months old)
    12. Corals:
      SPS: 80%
      LPS: 10%
      Ricordeas: 5%
      Zooanthids: 5%
    13. Tissue color (SPS):
      Medium to dark
    14. Tank age:
      9 months
    15. Why ZEOvit?
      I want to maximize growth potential and improve the coloration of the SPS corals.
    16. Supplemental dosing:
    17. Live rock:
      45lbs. Fiji (initially pre-cured)
    18. Present problems:
      Minor nuisance hair algae
    19. Problem description:
      Hair algae is growing on certain areas of the rock
    20. Test kits:
      PO4: Salifert
      NO3: SeaChem
      Ca: SeaChem’s ReefStatus
      Alk: SeaChem’s ReefStatus
      Mg: SeaChem’s ReefStatus
      Test kits were bought 9 months ago (actual age unknown)
    21. Present ZEOvit dosing:
      Not yet available
    22. Other parameters:
      SG: 1.025-1.026
      Temp: 79-80F
    23. *Planned ZEOvit dosing:
      ZEOvit: 0.25L running passively in the sump
      Initial 2 weeks
      ZEObak: 1 drop Sat,Mon,Wed
      ZEOfood7: 1 drop Sat,Mon,Wed
      ZEOstart: 0.5ml Sat,Mon,Wed
      After 2 weeks
      ZEObak: 1 drop Sun,Wed
      ZEOfood7: 1 drop Sun,Wed
      ZEOstart: 0.5ml Sun,Wed
    -Gunther, WSMC#690.

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    Hi Gunmoto, looks like you're well versed in the ZEOvit methodOf course discontinue PB before beginning ZEOvit. Your parameters are close--suggest Mg-1300 & KH 7.5-8 with the present Ca level. If you can DIY a zeo-reactor, coral coloration will be much more intense than passively flowing water around the zeolites. If this is not feasible, I recommend not dosing Start daily but to use your present mock zeo-dpsing schedule. Without the zeo-filter the zeo-toxicity effects make for a finer line between positive & negative consequences on our inhabitants. Be sure to turn off your skimmer for 60min. after dosing the zeo's, & clean them daily--once or twice. Use 1/4 Cup of carbon in a filter sock, passively, & knead this every other day. Exchange the carbon every 4wks. & on the first zeolite cycle, exchange of the stones is at 4wks, then, thereafter, the stones are changed-out every 6wks. Leave about 10 stones of "old" zeolites to help seed the new ones on each change-out. Ask any questions, here, as you know there are many experienced, knowledgeable zeo-users at this forum. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"