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  • Just starting Zeovit

    I'm just starting the Zeovit system. a few questions:

    I'm using kalk make-up water for all evaporation, will this be O.K. with Zeovit.

    I am running a 65 gal tank with a 250 XM 14.5K bulb, 128 watts of mixed actinic/daylight PC, approx. 200 lbs live rock, DSB, ASM G3 skimmer, SEIO 620, powersweep head (soon to be replaced by Tunze 6000), auto-top kalk system, several SPS and softies (mushrooms, xenia, capnella, ricordia, discosoma) and 2 clams (baby maxima, 3 inch Crocea). The skimmer is located in a bare sump. Fish load is fairly light w 4 basslets and an algea blennie. Many sand stirring and algea eating snails and crabs. I have run this tank for three years on tap water, and recently began getting excessive amounts of hair algea, and Cyano blooms. Changed to RO/DI water for feed into autotop system in January. Cyano blooms continue and I am now periodically vaccuming cyano from rocks and substrate with a Magnum power filter w/micron filter.

    Recently began using Phosban, which does not seem to be removing phosphates from the system. Phosphates remain at 0.10-0.15 ppm. I will remove the phosban when I add the Zeovit, but I thought it would be a good idea to begin phosphate removal prior to Zeovit introduction.

    I have ordered the Zeovit system and am awaiting delivery.

    I only feed my fish 1-2 times per week since they seem to stay full on pods and other things that are growing in the tank.

    Will Zeo help me eliminate the algea issues and help color up/eliminate the dark colors on the corals that I have.

    Should I start this system slowly with less than 1 liter of Zeolites due to small tank size and to minimize condition change for the inhabitants?

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    Hi Bob, read as much as you can from the old posts in this forum & the ZEOvit guide[several times]. Knowledge of the method is paramount for success as the dosing will decrease with decreasing nutrients, & yes, your algae will eventually, belly-up Plz. answer the 4th sticky questions in this forum"Tell us about Your Tank" so dosing guidelines can be given. BTW, welcome to, Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"