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Moon Coral : placement / cyno?

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  • Moon Coral : placement / cyno?

    Hi there guys once again, just would like to know your opinion on the placement of moon coral?

    What sort of light requirement do the need ?

    I had mine in a brighter area of the tank and now moved it in two half bright and half shady area, I have noticed the growth of cyno on some of it, where there was tissue lose from a while back when I moved it, could this be the placement of the coral or could my dosing be incorrect?

    100 gallon tank : first week

    Zeostart : 1.5ml twice a day
    Zeo Food/ Bak 3 drops once a day
    Zeo Media 3 hours on 3 Hours of 350gph pump

    Ph 8.2
    Ca 450
    Mg 1200
    Sg 1025
    Pho 0.1
    Alk 9