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  • I have a mission!!

    I have a mission... and that is to convert this two new frags into its original colors. These were dropped off by a friend who might want to remain anonymous so I wont say his name unless he responds. What do you guys think? you think I can do it? and in what time frame?



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    Here are the original pics of its true colors:


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      Very nice.. this will be all excellent zeo test.. Edward, how long has it been since the frags were that original color? I have noticed some browns I got 4 weeks ago that had only been that way for a short time colored up in 2-3 weeks... There is still brown don't get my wrong but they are changing nicely and the tips are very colorful.. I have a couple other browns I got that had been brown for 12-14 months "LFS"and they are still not changed fully. There is def color change on a couple but one remains brown to this day and has grown a ton. I look foreword the zeospur2 after reading of your recent experiences, excellent I might add. I am just curious as if others have noticed this aswell with brownouts..


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        Those were from reefer madness right I was going to get them but i missed out.

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        Not sure yet.....Build Thread to come!


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          well i will help you send me a piece


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            that first monti ive been lookin for tell him ill be glad to tae it if hes not happy lol i say 1 month everything will lok normal
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