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    Well I am thinking it might be time for me to make a few changes with my fish.
    My Queen Angel is mowing down whatever she can no matter how often I was to feed her during the day. She has gone through 3 zoo colonies.
    I also have a Coral Beauty and a Flame Angel are these reef safe?

    If not I guess I must find a home for all 3 and I would dearly miss my Queen

    Scott G.

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    I've never had any problems w/ a coral beauty in a reef....same w/ a flame.
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      Originally posted by MrMongoose
      I've never had any problems w/ a coral beauty in a reef....same w/ a flame.
      The pigmy angels can be SPS-nippers Some flames & C.B. are fine, though & leave SPS alone, so it's really trial & error. Scott, unforunately, The Queen will continue it's pattern & therefore, most are usually not reef-safe. Bob
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        From my exprience i had a Flame when i first got into SPS's for the longest i couldnt understand y i had hardly any polyp extension everyone said it was the flame i said NO WAY i never see him bothering anything Let it be known i watched him closely and BAM he was so quick everytime he went past any SPS he swiped at it he did it soooo fast that i never noticed it HTH
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