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Thinning Tips...urgent help please, thanks!

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  • Thinning Tips...urgent help please, thanks!

    Hi All,

    Just after some thoughts on why some of my acros are thinning at the tips only?????

    I changed my rocks out about 1.5 weeks ago and late last week i noticed that the tips where thinning, i thought it could have been my dosing (0.5 ML of zeostart daily and 2 drops of food and 4 drops start every other day). 125G. But the dosing is as per the guide lines, in fact a bit lower. I use less food as 4 drops gives me massive amounts of algae on the glass.

    I stopped my dosing and had to go away for the last 3 days for work. Upon return the tips seem worse and has occured on more colonies?

    I tested my water, the PO4 has further droped to 0.05 (was 0.06 last week) with the hanna. The corals look brighter but the thinning tips has me worried.

    Other things that i tried was removing carbon and in it's place put purigen. The water is just as clear, but the PO4 have are now at the lowest and they seem to be dropping further. Do you think purigen is the problem? I have problems with all the carbons i have leaching PO4, and this is the last thing i want with the zeo system.

    All other test are OK, except my KH once again. It was sitting low at 5.4 DKH last week and i added Seachem Reef Buffer to raise it to 8 DKH. I tested it again today and it was 4.6 DKH? No idea why it's dropping so much. My PH drops to 7.8 at night and goes up to 8.2 at the end of the photo period. This seems in the normal range.

    I having problems getting my water drip rate right on my Korralin CA Reactor. If i get the water rate low around 60 drops a min and co2 at 15 drops a min, it always seems to stop? Then the CO2 just colects in the reactor. This may be the problem. If i can tweak it so i get a DKH of 25 or more, then maybe this will stabalise the tank DKH?

    Anyone got any ideas if the low DKH would cause the coral tips to thin or would it be the purigen?

    There seems to be no effects on the bases, just the tips only.


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    I have observed thin growth in corals while the tank is running on low KH and / or Ca. If you bring back the parameters to the optimum corals will continue their growth as before.

    Please regard these parameter swings will stress the corals a lot so they will be very vulnerable to other problems also. Try to keep them as stabile as possible.

    I had the same CaCO2 reactor some years ago and also the same problems. I have attached a dosing pump instead of the T-part from a pressure pipe which worked fine. Today I am running a Schuran JetStream 1 with the same configuration which will help to keep the levels very stabile.

    I expect the KH drops are caused by the growth of the corals / coralline etc. For example, if I stop my CaCO2 reactor for 1 day, I will also notice a strong KH drop.



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      Many thanks Sir G. Alexander (man your tank is something to aim for)

      OK, i will try what you said about a seperate pump on the CA reactor. I will monitor this very closely. I have no idea how long my calcium reactor was blocked for (may 3 days) so that could explain it.

      Should i continue with the zeo dosing or hold off for a few more days. Also what are your thoughts on using Purigen in place of carbon to reduce the PO4 entering the tank.



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        To be honest, I do not have any experience with Purigen

        I use a hose pump which works perfect. No more valve adjusting, it is a dream

        As told before your corals may be stressed because of the parameter swings, I would reduce the dosage until the parameters are stabile and in row for precaution to the half.

        If you have the chance to split the dosing of ZeoStart I would recommend to dose 0,2 ml for example in the morning and 0,2 ml in the evening.



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          Che, the ZEOvit method/components have been developed using carbon. Plz. use this at 1Cup/100g[400ltrs.]. If you soak the carbon in RODI water for a couple of days before hand & daily exchange this water, this will remove any leaching P04. Monitor your parameters closely, & as Alexander mentioned, consider a dosing pump for the Ca Rx feed. Bob
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"