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How long do they usually last?

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  • How long do they usually last?

    How long do the "bad" elegance corals last before they die?

    Cause I bought one at least 6 weeks ago because I thought it looked very healthy, it looked like one that would live. It is still alive and doing great! Yay! It is in my 130 gallon softie/lps currently and permenantly! I hope it continues to prosper. It is stiiiilllll alive!!!

    Let the bidding begin


    Proud owner of an Elegance Coral "that lived". (It is thriving whith long tentacle tips...purchased in January 2005.) It has white tentacle tips, I beleive this has something to do with ones that will typically live due to the collection site.

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    This is a 9 month old elegance. Got it from Scott and he had it 8 month or so... Still doing well in the zeo system..

    Peace, jeff


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      Hiya, this is a pic of one in a local reefers tank:

      Tank has just newely been set-up again after a upgrade to a larger tank. I think he has had it now for over 2 years.

      (i hope he doesnt mind me posting the pic )

      100 gal sps tank, with Queen Angle, 2 Common Clowns, Cleaner Wrasse, Purple Tang.

      BLV 400w 10k driven by Ice cap electronic ballast, 2 24" Deltec duel T5s. Tunze 6100 and 6000 streams. Deltec APF 600 skimmer, PF 509 calcium reactor, and a FR 509 fluidised reactor modded into a zeo reactor. Eheim 1260 return pump, and Tunze osmolator. Iks unit to control heaters and fan, and co2

      Zeovit dosing
      1ml start morning and evening for 6 weeks.
      4ml of bak/food 3/4x14, then 2xweek for 28 days


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        nice tank but ou can tell its nott a ZEO tank lol
        180G SPS Mainly
        10 Bulb T5 Starfire
        Calcium Reactor
        3 Tunze 6105's
        Profilux Controller
        ATB Return w/ wavysea
        ATB M External Skimmer