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Dosing ZEOstart :confused:

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  • Dosing ZEOstart :confused:

    Sorry i began this thred and another one , tought i would create its own thread:

    [Thomas writes, that you should dose 0,5 - 1ml per 250 gallons depending on nutrient conditions]
    Little confused here can you help me I thought it is 1ml every 100g every second day is that right?
    Bob you mentioned to me in a thread on reef central that I should dose 1.5 ml twice a day for the first 2 weeks on a 100 gallon tank?

    Not sure if I am doing this right now?

    Please can you double check your recommendations on :

    Please can you clarify?

    Once again thank you so much for all the help!!!!

    Robert Lashober wrote:

    hi funky,

    thomas writes:

    [Amount to be used in tanks with high nutrient load and in tanks using ZEOvit for the first time:
    Dose 1ml per 100g volume daily over a period of 2 weeks, subsequently, dose 1ml per 200g daily.

    Amount to be used in tanks, which are nutrient poor and running stable with ZEOvit :
    Dose continuously 0,5 – 1ml per 250g daily depending on nutrient conditions.

    so, if you have a new tank and you start with ZEOvit, so you are right with you dose.


    I have recently changed my set up, to a zeovit system it does not have a huge nutrient load, but the water is far from being nutrient poor.

    So according to Bob's recommendations I am dosing zeostart 1.5 ml twice a day, and reading all of this it seems like it could be a little high: it means that in a day I am dosing 3ml of Zeostart in total on a 100 gallon system for the first 2 weeks?

    It this right?


    So as you can see i am a little confused can someone help?

    Thanks Again


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    Hi Christiaan, plz. see my post on the "cyano" thread, & answer those questions on this thread so as not to hijack that thread, thnx. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Hi There bob

      Just to refresh your memory i am the guy from south africa with the back of house lab and the system of those 4 large tapped refuguims, we first met in a thread that i posted on reef central about how to get the best colour from your coral's.

      I also have the small independant tank that i use as a testing station where i have just started useing ZEOvit, and i mean just start like yesterday?

      The tank is about a hunderd gallons and does not have a huge amount of nutriant load, however there is quite a bit of algea, that i have noticed some die of from yesterday wich i am very excited about.

      However i am just not sure about how much zeostart i should be dosing?

      Please can you help with this, also please note the links it may also help to remember
      my situation.




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        Parameter levels? CA 430 SG 1025 ALK 9 PH 8.3

        How long now have you used ZEOvit? 1 day

        What's your present dosage of the basic four? ZEOfood / bak 3 drops daily

        ZEOstart 1.5ml 2 times a day ?????????

        Are you cycling the zeolites? not yet


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          Hi Christiaan, thnx. for your info. With your system with extra nutrient-sequestered[algae], the Start doses can be 1.5-3ml daily in divided doses. My recommended dose of Start, while not as per the guide, is devised from my experience with Start & the ZEOvit method. You can try .5ml 3x's/day & observe your corals after 2wks. If your reef is doing well, then stay with that dose. If more algae continue to florish, then increase to 1ml 3x's/day. Bob
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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            Thanks for the help Bob, will give that a try.....