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Do not let the rocks get to exhausted...

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    An idea I've been wondering about for some time, is to have two reactors, or to have a two compartment reactor, so as to change them alternately and never get much fluctuation in water quality.

    Would that be worth trying?

    Or not worth trying & I'm way out of line? (again)


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      If you use exhausted stones, the benefit of the system to decrease nutrients is weaker. If the nutrient import is higher as the possibility of the system to deal with the nutrients they will rise in the tank. Same situation in a tank which contains “pooled” nutrients.

      If there is a “balance” in the nutrient import and the possibility of the system to decrease nutrients is adequate, the expected useful life of the zeolites lasts longer.

      To make it short, stronger nutrient load or import, needs a shorter changing interval of the zeolite to keep nutrients low. This has nothing to do with the quantity or the water flow. Both should be adjusted as recommended.



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        What I was thinking was staggering them say 3 weeks apart or similar, so they still got changed at 6 weeks before exhausted.
        This might avoid the aforementioned problems associated with sudden change in water quality.


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          Todd, wow sorry to hear of your situation aswell. I think we def stumbled acrossed something here.. Wasp, I do not see why you could do that.. Exchange half every 3 weeks.. I would like to hear what others think of this also..


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            I would not recommend this Alastair, remember, we seed & feed the stones more frequently for the first 2wks & doing this schedule again in 3wks with the other half would be dangerous to our corals. Also, the bacterial multi-culture balance will be skewed toward an imbalance between the two zeo-filters. Bob
            "There might be something to this ZEOvit"