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  • Newcomer Introduction

    by Garyw (Mesocosm)

    Welcome to!

    This set of posts is intended to provide information to people in their initial investigation of The ZEOvit System. The following links are to articles which describe The ZEOvit System and Zeolite filtration:

    The ZEOvit System: A New Concept in Reefkeeping
    (by Alexander ****, translated by Gary Madhl)

    Zeolite Filters. A Discussion of What Zeolites Are and How They Function
    (a theory by Jens Kallmeyer)

    There is simply no substitute for the experience and expertise gained from the practical "hands-on" application of any saltwater aquarium methodology. Background reading is an essential part of intelligent and successful saltwater tank management, but it's not enough.

    Perhaps the best way to evaluate any methodology's potential for success in your unique aquarium is to speak directly with the enthusiasts who actually use the methodology. The community is the online gathering place for many of the most advanced and experienced ZEOvit System users in the world.

    Please feel free to post any questions that you might have. We look forward to answering your questions, and to sharing our knowledge and experience with you.

    Welcome to the ZEOvit Forum!

    ZEOvit Forum FAQ

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