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  • alkalinity / PH

    I'm really confused about this PH. Does the zeovit drive the Ph down? Ok,
    also I'm having trouble keeping the alk. up and the ph on the main tank up.
    My readings are PH 79 main tank, I'm blowing the CO2 off in a cup with the
    effluent drip (PH on probe 76), outside air for skimmer.(heard this keeps CO2 out of tank also) What does anyone else run their MRC dual chambers at?
    Bubble count, drip, per min. Maybe I'm breathing too much CO2.

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    Some have reported a drop in alk when changing the stones. I haven't seen that.
    Overall because of the reduced alk while running zeo I have an easier time with alk overall. I'm totally new to reactors so I can't help there. After years of reefing I finally setup a reactor about a month ago. A ran from July 04 - Jan 05 with baking soda and calcium chloride only.

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      I'm sure with these Zeovit people out,they would have the same problem running reactors.Is there anybody out there?Common on guys,need your input here.If you raise the PH say around the 8.2 or 8.3 I can't get the ALK/DKH to run 7.5 or 8.0.So what's the gives here.Because Zeovit wants the 8.0.Did I confuse everyone here,I hope not?


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        Wish I could help you... I only run the C02 on my Schuran Ca reactor for 10 minutes per 24 hours (it's that effective), and it doesn't effect pH at all...

        When I ran a classic American type Ca rector it was something like one drip every two seconds for the effluent (which often clogged), and around 10-15 bubbles of C02 per minute...? Very slow and steady, and very opposite of my Schuran unit.

        What Ca and ALK are you shooting for and/or getting...?
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          I would like the PH to be somewhere between 8.0 to 8.2, I know at night it will drop. But, right now my reading are 7.6 to 7.9. Have had the reactor about 2 years and replaced gauges and needle valve just recently. Can't get a steady reading for more than 4 days.