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    I'm 1 1/2 weeks into ZEO and I'm alreadying thinking about my changeout at week 4. I'm doseing at 60% right now for 75Gallons. Do I want to start doseing for 100% Net water volume when I change out the lites? When I change out my lites do I want to keep any of rocks I'm useing now? How does my next 6 week schedule look concerning Zeobak/food/start? Do I still want my pump on 3hour on/off timer?
    Everything seems to be progressing very well right now I'm getting growth that was already good but now its great, colors are also really starting to come alive in the tank.
    Thanks for your help
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    ZEO - Phase 2

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    Nathan I usually leave about 5 or 10 stones of various size in for seeding the new ones. Also I would say leave the 3 on 3 off going until zero nutrients are achieved. The others I am not sure but I am sure someone more seasoned will chime in. HTH

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      I don't use any of the old rocks because I am at maximum density with 2 liters in the reactor the way it is... I will always run my pump 3 on 3 off...


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        Nathan, at the first zeolite change, you will increase the zeolite quantity to 1ltr/100g net. The zeo-component amounts probably will decrease, depending on the coral appearance & nutrient levels. Bob
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