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Zeo Bac and rock cooking

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  • Zeo Bac and rock cooking

    Hi guys,

    Wanted to throw this out for general opinions.

    Do you feel that adding zeobac on a weekly/daily basis to a rock cooking bin would speed up the time to eliminate the undersireables from the rock?

    Seams to me , that since we are trying to go from a photosynthetic base , to a bacterial base (in the rock cooking process) , it would only help, and may infact speed things along.

    I started cooking some more rock last night, and added a few drops of the bac. We'll see how things go.


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    I think that it would work, In theory yes but in reality maybe not. If we new more about the properties of these bacteria it may help us to come to a better conclusion. But it is worth a shot. Keep us updated on this.

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      It could very well work. I would be sure to add zeofood as well.


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        I recommend also using Food7 as Madison mentioned along with a little Start. Bob
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