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Another Red Algae Problem

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  • Another Red Algae Problem

    I just completed my second week of ZEO, and have experienced an outbreak of red turf algae.

    My filtration consists of a refugium containing Miracle Mud and Chaetomorpha along with a ER CS8-1 (run as wet as possible. . .I have to clean the collection cup every 2-3 days). My total system volume is around 80 gallons.

    Prior to beginning ZEO, I also ran Polyfilters and Bio-Chemzorb. I removed these from my system about 1 week before beginning ZEO, and noticed a single small patch of red turf developing. This one patch has now become a 1/2 dozen or so patches and it's spread to some of my live-rock.

    My ZEO dosing for the first 2 weeks was 2ml start, and 2 drops BAK/Food daily with 1/2 liter of stones and 3/4 cup carbon. The stones are in a filter bag in my sump, and the overflow from the 'fuge run right over them. Based on Bob's original recommendations, weeks 2-4 call for BAK/Food twice a week and 1ml of start split into 2 daily doses.

    I've got to admit that I'm disappointed in my results. . .the proliferation of algae is a step backward in my opinion.

    On a positive note, my corals do seem to look healthier. My LPS have never looked better and the few SPS I have show more polyp extension and color. My anemones and fish are also very healthy looking.

    I rarely check my organics as they've been undetectable forever, but just for kicks I checked them tonight (all Salifert):

    NO2 - 0
    NO3 < .2
    PO4 - 0

    My other parameters are:

    Alk - 7.7 dKH
    Salinity 1.026 (bringing it down slowly)
    Ca - 460
    Mg - 1320
    PH - 8.19
    Temp - 78

    I do weekly 4 gallon (the size of my bucket) water changes using Oceanic or Tropic Marin, and feed a very small amount each day (I have 10 fish). The anemones get fed twice a week. All water is replaced by RO/DI which tests just fine.

    What can I do about the algae?

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    Hi Rob, be patient, your corals have never looked better, & your dosing is fine. Did you recently begin Oceanic salt? Did you add any new livestock & how much if you did? Did you change your fish-feeding quantities or change your photoperiod? Another zeouser experienced similar problems with use of passive zeolite filtration which when he switched to a dedicated zeolite filter, resulted in his red algae disappearing Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Thanks Bob.

      Nothing's changed other than a reduction in my feeding routine. I've been using Oceanic for months without a problem (I know others have experienced algae issues).

      I have been thinking about a dedicated ZEO filter but I don't have room in my sump right now. I'm replacing it with a 40 gal breeder this weekend. I'll get rid of the MM but keep the Chaeto. . .it will also give me more space for equipment.

      Just a little frustrated right now. . .



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        Yea, Rob, reef-keeping is serendipity The key is to stay the course, no matter which method one uses in reefing. The zeo-filter improve the method immensely, resulting in lower nutrients & more effective utilization of the zeo-components Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          And if you really get to the point that you cannot take the turf algae any longer, buy yourself some astrea snails, they have done a very good job for me........

          If it is the red turf, it can get out of hand pretty easily......

          Good luck, John