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  • Slowly but surely

    I'm exactly 1 week into the Zeo process and I've have seen an improvement for sure. Nearly all my SPS are growing alittle faster but they are putting down base like I can't belieave. My tricolor which was all brown is getting lighter and is now putting down base that is white with green polips :yesway: I have seen atleast a small improvement in every coral in my tank and its only been a week, I can't wait to see what it will look like 6 weeks from now.
    65 SPS
    2085gph Max Flow
    Current Pride and Joy-Red Sea Regal Angelfish

    ZEO - Phase 2

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    Mongoose, I saw the same thing when I first started ZEOvit. some frags woudnt grow.. then once i started ZEovit, things kicked into gear. I dont like bragging about it because people will think ZEOvit is a bunch of hype. I just let others experience it for themselves.