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turf algae appearing. What to do next?

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  • turf algae appearing. What to do next?

    I have green turf algae appearing for the first time even in my tank. I started using zeovit 7 weeks ago, and I changed out my zeovit last week (week 6). The turf algae has been slowly accumulating for at least a month.

    My tank is a 29gal with a custom overflow, and approx 12 gallons in the sump. I have very little rock in this system, and very big flow. I have approx 30 gallons of water in the system. (Approx 2 gallons in my calcium reactor... )

    I can not come up with detectable po4 or nitrates, but my test kits are not exactly reliable. I use Salifert for PO4, and I have a very hard time reading it.

    For dosing:

    right now (1 week after change)
    -1 drop bac/food7 every second day
    -0.18mL start, morning and night (0.36mL daily)

    I have had more of a brown film on my glass lately, so I have temporarily stopped AAHC (1 drop/day)

    Any advice? I'm getting nervous about this algae. As I mentioned, I've never had a problem with algae in my system before.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


    btw, great forum! I'm glad to see so many familiar faces here. Even a couple of closet zeoheads.
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    Rob, hopefully, we're all in the open now For your circumstance with algae occuring with ZEOvit, I need to know how your coral's tips appear--light or dark? Thin or full? Thnx. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Hi Bob.

      The tips appear to be full at this point, and the tip color is light. Initially, I had the tips receed (about 2 weeks in) but they recovered nicely upon lowering my zeostart doseage by 25%



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        Thnx. Rob, be sure to use a zeo-filter[sorry forgot to ask before] with 1/3 ltr of zeolite with a flow rate of ~30-40gph. I agree it's probably a good idea to hold AAHC for now, until things are more clear with your system. I'd recommend continuing Bak/Food7 as is & increase Start to .2ml 3x's/day[total- .6ml] or .3ml 2x's/day if time does not allow for the 3x's/day dosing. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          Yup, using Madison's reactor (cut down a bit for my tank)I'm also using 1/3ltr of zeoliths at the flow rate you described. I upped it from 1/4 liter when I changed them out last week.

          I will try the .2mL 3x's a day. I'll update you in a couple of weeks.

          Again, Thanks a lot for your quick reply Bob. You're a great asset to this community.