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  • Spongepower expired

    Hi all.

    After i quit this hobby about 2 years ago, i always missed it.. and decided to place bak a small tank (120gallon)

    So im doing the 14 day cycle.. probably gonna take a little longer because i used dead rock, but so far im 7 days in, and it looks like its going fine.. ammonia is on its return.. i start to see a little no3 and po4 coming, all good signs! I will however just take this one easy..

    So i blindly ordered all zeo stuff i need at this point... A reactor with some kz carbon.. and dosing zeostart and zeobak (also have the zeofood at hand for near future)..

    Today... I found out my spongepower is 14 months expired..

    I called the lfs i ordered it with, and he sends out a new bottle, but.. is this harmfull?
    Should i throw it away? Or is it still usable?
    Its a 100ml bottle of the stuff

    I would love your opinion on this!

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    Hello Aron and welcome to !

    If the liquid is still not cloudy, does not have sediments or slimy patches inside the product should still be OK to use. No worry, it will not become toxic or harmful, worst thing is it does not have a impact but I do not expect it.



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      Thanks Alexander!
      i just have a new account.. im not really new here 😂

      No the bottle still looks good.. but ive sent the seller a message and he is shipping me a new one.. so all in all its fine...

      Whats not fine is.. the bottom of the cracked yesterday night around 3:00 am...Click image for larger version

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        feel for ya,
        heart breaking

        does the crack continue into the overflow box ?


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          Originally posted by NZ-Nick

          feel for ya,
          heart breaking

          does the crack continue into the overflow box ?
          Yeah.. completely cracked through.. from overflow to the other side.. probably someone tightened the bulkhead too much, the crack seems to have started there...

          Wellllll... atleast i have a buddy who gifted me a tank..
          Looks like **** now.. all white.. but tommorow she will run again

          Click image for larger version

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            And yes besides zeovit.. ill just follow the start 14 day cycle again.. because i have some fish.. i will dose niteout daily for 7 days


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              I feel with you because of the damage of the bottom, hope the damage from the water is just minimal. Looks like you have placed the tank directly on a wood plate, would be better to have a Styrofoam plate between the wood and the tank as this can prevent such issues. I always used a 3 – 5 cm thick plate to cover the cabinet completely placing the tank on it.

              Do you have a chance to store the fish in a different system for one week ? That would be perfect to run the 14 day cycle again.