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New to KZ and rookie error need some direction

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    You can use it for precaution also, therefore dose 1 ml / 100 liters once per week.



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      As I m ran out of tester, today just back in stock. And result as below
      so far this week from my observation, most of SPS​ Polyps kind of fully expand I’m so happy ( couple growth point & tip of the SPS also have the polyps expanding). And clean up crew is working so hard on brown algae and new algae turn to more green. also I do help clean up a big and suck out during water change.
      do I need any adjustment as seem like both No3 n Po4 stuck in here. In addition tomorrow is last dosing on BioMate treatment (14 days). Understand I shouldn’t chasing the number. But I want all brown algae gone or minimise. Thank

      no3 5
      po4 0.08
      Kh 8
      Ca 548
      Mg 1220

      Dosing tracking

      Start3 Daily 0.5 ml x2
      BioMate another 10 drop (14 days since 22 Aug )
      Bak another 5 drop (Mon Wed Fri Sun)
      SP another 5 drop (Mon Wed Fri Sun)
      Cv 10 drop (Mon Thur)
      Cyan clean 10 drop (Mon Thur)
      Snow+ 5 ml (Mon Thur)

      31 Aug (Thur)
      Cv, Cyan clean, Snow+

      30 Aug (Wed)
      Bak, SP, BioMate

      28 Aug (Mon)
      Bak, SP, BioMate, CV, Cyan clean, Snow+

      27 Aug (Sun)
      Bak (finished 10 days since 17 Aug), start3

      26 Aug (Sat)
      Bak, Start3, BioMate & SP

      25 Aug (Fri)
      Bak, Start3, TM Phos 1ml

      24 Aug (Thur)
      Bak, SP, Biomate, CV, Cyan Clean, Snow+

      22 Aug (Tue)
      Bak, Start3, SP, Biomate 14 days start
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        Hello Brian, your dosing regimen is basically fine, so no need to change it at the moment.

        Make sure to keep basic water parameters including potassium solid within the recommended ranges.

        How many weeks have you running the ZeoVit material you have in the reactor at the moment ?

        Please also measure the flow through your reactor by collecting the water from the reactor outlet for 30 seconds. Multiply the volume by 120 and you will get the output per hour.



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          How many weeks have you running the ZeoVit material you have in the reactor at the moment ?

          >>>since 17 Aug 2023

          Please also measure the flow through your reactor by collecting the water from the reactor outlet for 30 seconds. Multiply the volume by 120 and you will get the output per hour.​


          as currently my No3 n Po4 still not in low nutrition situation.
          should I postpone on the sand adding? I’m plan to add until No3 reach 1 and Po4 around 0.01-0.03. Thank
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            Phosphate level 0.02-0.04-0.08 level, is it just measuring the fingerprint on the glass bottle? Could you please measure again carefully to make sure the glass curve is clean. Clean the skimmer collection cup clean and adjust to wet for some time.

            Please keep all basic water parameters to NSW level and stable


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              It shouldn’t as every time I use the Glasses cloth to wipe, thank


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                I expect your reactor is running with continuous flow already with 1.25 liters ZeoVit material so at the moment I would not recommend you any changes, give the system some time now to establish a healthy strong biology. You can adjust your skimmer to skim wet for some time and cleaning it daily to export as much as possible. If you have sediments in the tank or in the sump vacuum it out with the next water change.

                The NO3 level is not really a issue yet but PO4 could be lower but this should drop over the time.



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                  Thanks G

                  Currently for the reactor is running 3 hour ON and 3 hour off routine,
                  do u mean I should turn it ON all the time ? Thank


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                    If it has been 2 weeks since the material change and the corals are all healthy, let's switch the reactor to continuous flow


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                      Switching the reactor to continuous flow as Jacky said will also be helpful to decrease nutrients but just if corals are all doing fine.



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                        Weekly update

                        now change Zeovit reactor from 3 on 3 off to 4 on 2 off. One of the deep water SPS getting pale. That why I m more conscious will turn on the Zeovit reactor slowly. And KH start consuming daily around 0.4 by coral , the CA reactor start turn on. So far all SPS is extension and have couple growing. But suddenly found out my PH dripping from 8.1> 7.7. Kind of worry and take action on weekly water change for 40L. Thank

                        no3 drop
                        no3 5>>>4
                        po4 0.08 >>>0.02
                        Kh 8
                        Ca 450
                        Mg 1220​
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                          I would not worry about the PH it will not cause any issues. You can try to open a window to give the system more fresh air which will bring up the PH a little bit.

                          Because of the tissue lighting since the switch to continuous flow I would recommend to temporary reduce the reactor flow to 2/3 for one week, than increase the flow step by step again if all is going well.



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                            Weekly update so far I feel thankful from u all advice and help.
                            SPS start growing and the tips growth point a bit and colourful( except growth part remain keep brownish). I m feeling joyful and happy. KH start consuming a little more and CA as well. Start adjusting the Ca reactor to maintain the balance at KH 8.1
                            those parameters as below as below but no3 n po4 not further going down. And this week on the PH a bit frustrating have 1-2 days suddenly down to 7.6X. And back to above 8. Polyps and minor open but not full expanding.

                            Zeovit change since a month ago, should I change now or should wait another 2 week? ( 6 week in total)
                            Is it the right timing starting on Xtra or AA? Or should wait no3 n po4 a but lower first? Or should keep more stable at this point and wait a little longer first? Thanks

                            Kh 8.1
                            PH 8.13
                            no3 4.3
                            po4 0.05
                            ca 430
                            mg 1275
                            K 420


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                              Glad to hear things are going well ! Do not care about the PH, I personally even have not measured it. All other water parameters are perfect, keep them as solid as possible as they are.

                              New coral growth is usually more colorful if everything is fine, already brown parts just take more time to become lighter and more colorful usually.

                              Lets wait with the ZeoVit exchange two further week, thank replace 90% of the material and keep ~ 10% of the old material in the reactor. After each ZeoVit exchange dose ZeoBac daily for 10 days, otherwise 2 – 3 x weekly.

                              As long as PO4 and NO3 are elevated I would not dose additional products except the ones you already use. I am sure nutrients will come down furthermore slowly after the ZeoVit exchange in two weeks. To make sure the reactor flow is correct, I would recommend to measure it from time to time.