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  • New Reefer XL 200 Build - JoshOsReef

    Hi all,
    I'm in the process of setting up the above tank. I'm wanting to run a bacteria driven method for this tank, including zeolite eventually.
    What recommendations would you all have for me?
    It'll be an SPS dominant system, lit with T5 hybrid running an AB+ spectrum providing around 350 par on average. I'll have high flow in the display, but around 5-7x entire turnover through the sump.
    Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated

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    Welcome to JoshOsReef

    Fill in the following first so we can learn more


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      Hello Josh and welcome to !

      Here you can find information about how to setup and cylce a fresh system with ZeoVit:

      For general information I would recommend you to read the posts from this thread, it does contain a lot of basic information which will make it easier to understand the system:

      Basically the ZeoVit system is not really complicated but you need to listen to your corals. Basic water parameters need to be solid within the recommended ranges.

      Beside running the system observing the reef all the time keeping it under optimal conditions in conjunction with maintenance is the key for great looking corals. Just setting up the system and let the tank go its way adding some products for coloration will not really give you the results you are looking for.



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        Thanks for the reply guys, I'll get a thread starting asap to give you a better understanding of the tank as a whole 👍