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Just Getting Started with the ZeoVit Method

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    So I will add K Balance to raise my level? Do you have a recommendation for starting dosage?


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      K Balance products do contain potassium and it is also used to boost potassium. I would follow the recommended dosage on the bottle, making sure to take 2hrs between doses.


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        You can also (and recommend) get Coral Vitalizer @10 drops 2 times a week after you switch reactor flow. [email protected] drops every other day x 2 weeks if available, otherwise 2 times a week. The water is changed weekly and the sand is vacuumed and cleaned by siphoning


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          Is the current coral polyp expansion better than before, and what is the current nutritional level?

          Are you still adding TM part A and B?

          Please note that with korallenzucht carbon most users will get perfect results


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            Hello jacky

            Yesterday (Sunday 8Apr), I started Week 5. So I changed 90% of Zeolites and checked flow to be 130gph in the reactor.
            I will change the KZ carbon with this week's water change to offset the new Zeolites by one week.

            I am currently dosing:
            • 36ml /day TM Part A (Ca) & TM Part B (Alk)
            • ZeoStart 0.5ml twice per day, morning and night into the reactor
            • ZeoBak 5 drops daily x 10 days. Then switch to M-W-F
            • Sponge Power 5 drops M-W-F
            • BioMate 10 drops Su-Tu-Th
            • Coral Snow 5ml Sa (after water change)
            • 15% water change w/TM Pro on Sa
            • Sand vacuum on Sa

            My levels are currently:

            Ca: 410
            Alk: 6.8
            Mag: 1320
            NO3: 9.2
            PO4: 0.5
            Temp: 77.5F
            pH: 7.8
            sg: 1.026

            I tested Potassium yesterday 9Apr:

            K: 360

            Just to make sure I understand correctly, are you recommending to raise Potassium with K-Balance and to also begin dosing Coral Vitalizer @10 drops 2 times a week after I switch reactor flow to constant flow?
            I am dosing Biomate 3 times per week now. I should increase this to every other day?

            Thank you so much for your help, Jacky. I am grateful to learn from you.


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              Also remember that ZeoBac x10 days after each change of zeolite material. Your dosing schedule is fine, so nothing needs to be changed. Keeping with the BioMate project, let's observe the nutrient levels after switching the reactor to continuous flow. You can add Coral [email protected] drops 2 times a week to your plan. Yes, slowly increasing K+~380g, Kh also slowly increases us to 7-7.5


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                Originally posted by TigerReef View Post

                Hi! I have the 625XXL. It’s a nice manageable size for me and it looks like it was made for the space.

                And I LOVE my BBK! It is nearly silent, easy to clean, etc. and really happy with the efficiency of the pump. Not cheap, but best skimmer I’ve had. (I tried Tunze, RO and Nyos previously)

                Thank you for the tip RE Zeolites and Carbon. Makes sense.

                Hey, how’s it all going ??

                I have the BK180 double cone, was looking at up grading to the new dc pump you have.

                We also have the same tank.
                I’m on my second one tho😩
                keep an eye on it.


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                  Originally posted by NZ-Nick View Post

                  Hey, how’s it all going ??

                  I have the BK180 double cone, was looking at up grading to the new dc pump you have.

                  We also have the same tank.
                  I’m on my second one tho😩
                  keep an eye on it.
                  Hi Nick!

                  I really like my BK. And I really like the DC pump. The skimmer is a beast. In fact, I had to dial it down a tick to 4 because it was pulling so much skimmate it was triggering my ato.

                  Too bad about all the Red Sea issues. My tank is the showpiece of my living room. I chose the rimless because of the ‘wow’ factor. They are beautiful tanks when they’re not busting seams!

                  I do have the upgraded steel support on the stand so I hope it will hold for awhile. My tank is a little over 2 years old.

                  ZeoVit is going well so far. But I’m pretty diligent about following instructions. : )


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                    Hello all! I am back with an update. This week begins week 7 of Zeovit.

                    Currently dosing:
                    • 50.4ml TM Part A & 50.4ml TM Part B
                    • ZeoStart 0.5ml twice per day
                    • ZeoBak 5 drops M-W-F
                    • Sponge Power 5 drops M-W-F
                    • BioMate 10 drops Su-Tu-Th
                    • Coral Vitalizer 10 drops Su-W
                    • Coral Snow 5ml Sa after 15% WC/vacuum
                    • Salt mix: TM Pro Reef
                    I changed 90% of Zeolite at the end of Week 4 and replaced Zeo carbon at the end of Week 5.

                    Ca: 470
                    Alk: 7.3
                    Mag: 1355
                    NO3: 23
                    PO4: 0.5
                    K: 426
                    Temp: 77.6F
                    pH: 8.2
                    sg: 1.025

                    I am still having some challenges reducing NO3/PO4 and clearing brown sand. I vacuum weekly and rake daily for it to return the next day. Is this still the tank adjusting?
                    I believe I will not achieve ULNS because of my fish. I have 4 tangs, 3 wrasse, 2 clowns, 2 cardinals, 1 foxface, 3 anthias and a goby. Aside from the brown sand, my coral appears to be doing well. I have noticeable encrusting and growth and unbelievable PE. Can I still successfully run Zeovit with elevated NO3/PO4?

                    Should I make any dosing adjustments?​
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                      Has the reactor been switched to continuous flow mode? Let's switch to continuous flow, use a small container to collect the outlet for 30 seconds, volume x120. Publish actual traffic.


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                        Keep a eye on the Ca level, it should not increase furthermore, also as the K+ level is relative high at the moment skip dosing any kind of potassium supplement for a while untile the leve lis ~ 380 mg. Please also cross check the salinity of your system with a different accurate instrument.



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                          jacky and G.Alexander,

                          Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

                          Yes, I switched the reactor to constant flow measured at 130 US gph at the beginning of week 6.

                          I never started dosing K. I think the level increased with the TM Pro salt and water changes? I did 3 15% water changes over 10 days to try and clear sump detritus and balance nutrients in the tank.

                          For salinity, I am using a new Milwaukee digital refractometer. I purchased 2 weeks ago. I crossed check with manual ATC refractometer. Salinity is exactly 35ppt on both devices.

                          Shall I pause dosing Cal and perform another series of water changes?


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                            Had to make sure the salinity levels were correct, the base water parameters looked really a little high, especially the Ca. If the salinity is the correct level, then stop adding Ca, and potassium as well.

                            The basic water parameters are:
                            kh 6.5 - 7.5
                            Ca 400 - 420
                            Mg 1250 - 1300
                            K +~380 g