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ICP test - too high, can be connected with possible overdosing of some KZ product?

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    Originally posted by G.Alexander View Post
    Hello Dušan, thank you for the additional details.

    Lets keep dosing iodine @ 1 drop / 100 liters 2 x weekly. Bascially you can also try to increase it to 3 x weekly but I do not expect any postive effect from it but you can give it a try.

    I have not found information about the KH Plus supplement from korallenzucht, they seem not to have published it. Usually their maximum recommendation is the quantity which does not cause any issues so to be 100% save I would use 50% of this recommendatoin dosing a KH test before and after about one hour to see which effect it does have to get a feeling for it.. This might be a good alternative:

    Make sure to increase the KH not to quick.

    many thanks - I will try to buy the powder version to mix it.


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      Originally posted by NZ-Nick View Post
      Kh Or sodium bicarbonate are all of a muchniess
      different manufacturers mix at slight different levels.

      This is Redsea
      which is 100grams per 1000ml solution (1kg mixed 10 liter RODI water)

      AF was 80 grams per1000ml
      Good idea - I will make the solution about these volumes and then test the water. I have an automatic KH tester, so I will see 4 times a day how much it effect and then try to balance it accordingly.

      many thanks