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    Good morning. I kindly wanted to know the correct way to carry out the replacement of the zeolite in the reactor. When replacing the old zeolite I remove it all, then I put some back on the base of the reactor and then and then I add the new one above.
    then I dose zeobac every day for a week. It's correct?
    Thank you​

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    Leave the zeolite in the filter for 4 weeks until your first replacement. This is the first replacement interval, others may extend to 6-8 weeks. Keep the old 50%, replace the new 50% zeolite material, clean the material x2 times every morning and night. After each material change, ZeoBac x10 days, otherwise 2 times a week. Please also confirm that the reactor flow rate matches the system flow rate. For example, at the same time as the carbon replacement cycle, extend the carbon replacement by one week to separate the two, which is good.

    A little attention should be paid, the old zeolite is not recommended to leave the water for too long, the new zeolite material, if possible, can also be soaked in RO/DI water before adding.


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      Thank you for your clear and precise answer. I take the opportunity to ask if I can remove 50% of the old zeolite from the reactor, can it stay out of the water for a few seconds? can it lose effectiveness? I think I read this somewhere. Thank you, you have been very kind.
      greetings eugene​


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        Zeovit uses a blend of different zeolites that have been found to be the best at reducing toxins in salt water systems. From bacterial colonization to the theory of locking or removing ammonia, to the process of conversion of nutrients to different ions.

        The flow of bacteria is driven by the water column to colonize the fine pores of the zeolite.

        So the material is recommended to be kept wet, not to be allowed to dry, and try to avoid being exposed to the air for too long.

        Can't tell you a time, but if the material is already dry it won't work well and it will take time for bacteria to grow/colonize.


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          Ok thanks for everything. greetings eugene


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            In the zeovit manual, it is written to replace all the zeolite in one time?


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              The reason to replace just 50% of the material for the first time is to avoid removing to much bacteria at once in a phase where the biofilm which does contain a lot of bacteria is still weak. This will prevent biological changes.

              The situation with further exchanges is different as the bacteria in the whole system are much more stronger and robust so it is recommended to replace 90% of the material while leaving about 10% of the old material in the reactor. This will speed up the colonization of the fresh material with bacteria.



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                Ok thanks this makes sense