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Possible to Dilute "Coral System 3" for use with a dosing pump?

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  • Possible to Dilute "Coral System 3" for use with a dosing pump?

    I know it's possible to dose the KZ Coral System products with a dosing pump, but is it possible to dilute the solution? In my tank, if I dosed daily, the amount would be 7.5ml. The tubing runs are a little long though, and generally I don't like fluid to spend more than a day in the lines, especially organics. I'd like to dilute it with RODI 1:3 so that I could dose 30ml a day instead. Is that possible?

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    Those aminos can easily get contaminated by bacteria. Aminos can last about a week in a tube. The tubes should be replaced after that time. Do you plan on removing some Coral system 3 from the bottle into a vessel adding water to it and then allowing that to be dosed in that day. If so want to go that route I would add the amount of water to a red sea dosing container with the lid unscrewed but left semi on, microwave the container and water for several minutes remove screw the top back on and put it in the fridge to cool off. then add the aminos mix and use that in one day don't use a syringe but pour the solution into a measuring container that measures 7.5 to avoid cross contamination.

    Hope that helps


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      Welcome to I regret that I have no experience with the Coral System and dilution or not, so I can't say much more. There is an idea: if the product can be diluted, the titration equipment and the container solution height are close to the sump, and the inlet and outlet hoses can be shortened


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        Do you plan to mix the products before dosing them ?

        I have not used the coral system but as long as the products does not need to be shaken before dosing you should be able to dilute it. As Bugger said use different containers if you dilute them and refill them regular with RO water and the products.