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Why does the zeolite media need to be changed frequently?

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  • Why does the zeolite media need to be changed frequently?

    What is the reasoning/science behind it?

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    Zeolite material is the same as activated carbon, the material itself will be "tired" after a long time. It's not "often", the exchange interval can be extended slightly as nutrient depletion is good. The material has a lot of porosity, which provides for the colonization of host bacteria, and over time, the pores between the pores are short/tired, and in my practical experience, when I change the material, I always feel that the appearance of the material becomes round , rather than the original irregularity. The zeolite material is a "consumable" and will wear out its original properties one day. Therefore, in a situation where nutrients are poor and good, it is good to replace it as recommended, otherwise the appearance of the coral may not be so bright.


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      Hello Etiloez and welcome to !

      Jacky has already described what does happen with the material over the time, this thread does contain some additional information and also a picture which does show a closer picture of fresh material and after 4 weeks:



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        That picture in the link says biofilm coverage after 4 weeks. If that's all it is couldn't you just soak in vinegar and open those pores back up?

        I believe this can be done with inert products like Siporax ect.

        Carbon is different of course as it's useless over time from a absorption perspective.

        I know nothing of the absorbtion of the zeolites, just curious about this.


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          Zeolite material is a consumable material. When its "property" is changed, you cannot restore its original characteristics/appearance 100%. I use an egg as an example of your idea, 1: the tiny pores on/in the egg shell is it still there? (Smooth like a light bulb) 2: Due to the external force and chemical conditions, will the eggshell still be the eggshell that should have the original characteristics?