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Automatic tablet storage/ placement

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  • Automatic tablet storage/ placement

    I have started using a few of the auto tiles in my sump. Is there a best was to use them, other than tossing them into the sump? Any help is helpful. Haha dunno if the is something better to put them in so they are all together or what

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    I tried to understand what you mean, but I can't understand the meaning "tile", why put "tile" in sea water. If I understand "tiles" to mean the same thing, it is generally not recommended to put items such as tiles in the tank, after all, we don't know what it will leach. Then, if I misunderstood what you mean, then I want to say sorry to you.


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      These tiles


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        Thank you, it turned out to be the case. I have no experience with this product, the easiest way is to put in a sump, and then slowly release/dissolve into the main system through circulation. Other than that I have no better idea at the moment. Compared with solution products - it does not need to go through titration equipment to complete, very convenient way.


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          An additional idea is to dissolve it with seawater and then add it using a titration device. This might be another wild idea. If the product can be diluted with RO/DI, then RO/DI is the better choice.


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            I would recommend you to place each different one in a small filter bag in the sump in a area with good water movement, you can attach the filter bag at the edge of the sump to prevent it from floating around.