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Starting zeovit soon; really nervous.

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  • Starting zeovit soon; really nervous.

    Hello, after researching for a long while on Zeovit, I finally ordered the basic 4 to get started.

    I’m really nervous.

    I’m afraid the system will be overwhelming for me and I’m afraid I’ll mess up. I am also getting overwhelmed because there are SOOO many supplements. I don’t know how I’ll decide to pick one to try when I complete phase 1.

    It’s definitely not easy to get your toes wet. Can someone make me feel better? Lol

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    No worry, it is really not that complicated as it looks like if you follow the recommendations and are able to keep the main water parameters solid in the recommended ranges including K+.

    For the first couple of weeks just the basics I have recommended you in the dosing recommendation in your other thread:

    Once the system is running well and nutrients are solid low while corals start to get lighter tissue because of the nutrient reduction several additional products can be used to improve coloration.

    Make sure to do the weekly water changes and get a K+ test kit from the beginning to be sure the level is ~ 380 mg. The reactor flow is also very important especially at the first couple of weeks, use the interval for it at the beginning.

    Good luck and let us know if you need any help.



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      Don't be nervous, I'm sure it's a pleasant and exciting thing, it's really good that I'm with you. Follow the advice, step by step, this is good, once the ZeoVit system is running well, the nutrient content is low, and due to the nutrient reduction, the base water parameters are gradually kept as stable as possible at the NSW level


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        Thank you guys! I will follow your instructions to the T!

        I am excited.


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          Enter the ZeoVit system and start with the correct recommended salinity and slowly adjust the base water parameters gradually

          NSW basic water parameters:
          Kh 6.5-7.5
          Ca 400-420
          Mg 1250-1300


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            Originally posted by G.Alexander View Post
            The reactor flow is also very important especially at the first couple of weeks, use the interval for it at the beginning.
            Will do. What’s the purpose of the interval? Just curious.


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              If you ask me too, my answer is: Bacterial growth speeds up the process, avoids rapid reducing changes in biology and nutrition, and slows things down in a step-by-step balanced manner, allowing coral animals to adapt at intervals.


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                The reason I’m nervous about zeovit is because I am scared of getting dinoflagellates. I really don’t want to get dinos which seem to appear in tanks with no nutrients.

                But I really want the ULN pastel look.

                I’m so conflicted.


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                  I want to tell you a concept, remember this concept, Dino has no direct relationship with system barrenness, I often hear people link Dino/Cyano with ZeoVit system, this is wrong. There is no perfect system that can completely avoid these problems, (not necessarily encountered) but we always have some ways to solve them.

                  In contrast, I think the ZeoVit system is the closest to the water quality of the natural ocean, and the ZeoVit system "expresses" some shallow and possible problems.