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Chromium cobalt manganese iodine

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  • Chromium cobalt manganese iodine

    These four elements oxides after a few days and many recommend adding them to the tank on a daily basis. Hi Alexander can you do your thing and ask Thomas Phol which zeovit products to use daily to overcome these deficiencies​.

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    Not sure about the other three but iodine is not really solid in saltwater therefore I do see dosing this element based on a ICP test result critical.

    For corals there might not be a need to have those elements available all the time but if they are available they are able to absorb and use them without any signs of shortage.

    I think Thomas will tell the same as he is not working with chemical analysis as the base of dosing, he does observe the animals and depending to their reaction he does adopt the dosage, same with new elements he is trying the first time.



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      Thanks for answering but,Take a look at this

      Coral System Component 1

      Contains - Nickel, Manganese, Fluorine, Sodium, Rubidium, Zinc, Vanadium
      • Enhances polyp extension
      • Intensifies yellow/gold coloration
      • Intensifies green coloration

      Instructions - Dose 5 mL for every 25 US gallons once per week.

      There is manganese in component one and Iodine in componet 4 as for cobalt and Chromium they are not in the 4 components. Thomas does know what is in is the other products so I was wondering which products that dont state what is in them in the bottle are the equvalent.


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        So you would like to know which product except Coral System does contain cobalt and chromium additional ?



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          Yes that it. If nothing contains cobalt and chromium I might think of dosing them sepertaly


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            Hello Bugger, as korallenzucht has decided not to make the ingredients of their products public except the Coral System Components and if you like to be sure to dose cobalt and chromium I would do a ICP test before starting to dose those two separate elements, if the level is within the range of NSW I would not additional dose them, otherwise you can dose them slowly but make sure to do another ICP test a couple of weeks later to prevent a accumulation of those elements.

            If korallenzucht does not have those elements in their products they have not observed any positive response from them as I am sure they have tested around with them in the past otherwise a ICP test would be the easiest way to find it out even if it does generate some cost.