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Expiration date of diluted zeostart 3 ?

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  • Expiration date of diluted zeostart 3 ?

    hello i have a simple question! i'm using zeostart3 which dilluted with boiled RODI water.

    it work nicely but wonder it has a expiration of date. ppl say i should make one month's amount of dilluted zeostart each time. so i guess the expiraton date of dilluted zeostart3 is around a month right? or can i use it after a month? (if it's not going bad like bacterial film in the solution)

    very thanks you

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    I have no experience with actually diluting zeostart 3 so can't really say anything. I think as long as it's stored properly (quality doesn't show any bacterial cloud, or any other sign of bad appearance) it should be good to go. But basically, I would recommend that you keep the stock solution and just dilute it with the amount that works for you, this will avoid "all" Start3 contamination.


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      No worry if there are no bacterial blooms or any kind of a sediment in the bottle the product should be fine, diluting it or not does not make a difference so no worry. As Jacky mention I would also dilute just the quantity you need every 2 or 3 month for example.