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Is Zeovit not worth it without the reactor?

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  • Is Zeovit not worth it without the reactor?

    Really considering transitioning to Zeovit to help get my nutrients under control and improve the health of my corals, but I have a small sump and there's just no way to fit a reactor in it. I've heard some people claim it's completely possible to have success without the reactor and zeolites but I wanted to hear opinions from people who are more experienced. I would obviously still be using the other 3 of the basic 4, just no zeolite.

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    I use KZ reactors and KZ zeolite materials, I have no experience with zeolite materials and reactors, I think if there are zeolites and reactors, things will work better. Reactor flow is used to control nutrient levels, and the zeolite material mud is excellent food for corals, which is reflected in the good appearance of the corals. That's about it, there are a lot of additional features and so on.

    Maybe you can use the mesh bag temporarily and fly passively, which may not be bad. You can also refer to some DIY reactors.


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      Welcome to Thanos !

      Basically the ZeoVit material makes the system much more effective in reducing nutrients compared to running a system with just the components without the ZeoVit material. As you seem to have nutrient issues already I would recommend you to use the material additional. There are some manufacturers which offer external reactors, maybe this is a alternative for you but I can not recommend you any model as I just used “internal” reactors in the past. Another alternative is running the reactor in a corner of your display tank, not sure if this is possible in your situation but I wanted to mention it as it is a alternative which might work for you. Last option which comes to my mind is using a DIY reactor which does fix in your sump, it is not to complicate you might get some ideas from this thread: