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how to drop po4?

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  • how to drop po4?

    i have po4 at 0.10/0.12, i've dosed zeobak and zeostart daily for a month, no3 dropped a lot but po4 almost nothing

    any solution before putting some resin? (It's not a zeovit tank, i'm Just using some products)

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    Hi ya.

    fisrt off what is ur no3 nd pho4
    what test kits are you using.
    what do ur corals looking like. (Lite-dark)
    do you have any algae in tank or on glass

    what are you feeding ur fish and hey what other additives are you adding.

    friozen foods do hold lots of pho4 good to always rinse

    little bit of infor helps out



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      You are using part of the ZeoVit system base product, not sure if you are using the zeolite material as well, I would recommend it as well. I would also recommend that you use the full ZeoVit base product (Bac, Start, SpongePower, Zeolite Materials, Activated Carbon), I would recommend keeping the full Zeo base over other products, it is also an important core of the ZeoVit system.

      BioMate - ability to improve biology and reduce phosphate
      If you prefer, 2 drops/25 US gallons every other day for 2 weeks. it should help

      Most of ZeoVit's products can be used in other systems, but I don't recommend any other stacks in the nutrient reduction section because we don't know if it's compatible or adversely reacts to corals.