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  • Coral System 1-4


    i want to use Coral Systems 1-4.
    What other supplements should i use?
    I currently do not use any Korallen-zucht products.
    My tank is 2 years old, 480 litters (400 litters net) a mix of SPS and LPS​, use refugium.


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    You don't need anything more. The four bottles have all minor trace elements and amino acids.
    If you want to go the other way bac, start3, sponge power, snow, biomate are what the main people on this site recommend.
    You can add extra if your corals are fading in color
    Booster if you can keep dosing it threw out the system life time is helpful
    A lot of people seem to like flatworm stop a lot.
    LPS is also helpful


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      I'm not familiar with the coral part 1-4, but basically you can use it, start with a 1/2 adjustment per 25 US gallons to reduce the recommended dose, watch the coral look, and if your system is less nutrient-dense, what effect these elements have on the coral tissue and the greater the effect of color