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Restarting zeovit

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  • Restarting zeovit

    65gallon, full zeovit. 3 month old system. Skimmer, carbon, mixed reef.
    I’m starting zeovit again, but I’ve got some LPS. Will they be okay in the low nutrient system? Also, I’m using Start, food, coral vitalizer, sponge power, zeolite, amino acid. Will any of these counteract potassium loss? Can someone respond with a thoughtful response instead of a dismissive response.

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    Hi Shankpa2 Your LPs should be fine. It will only grow a little slower. I kept torch corals with almost no fish running zeovit and my sps died but my torch corals lived threw the whole ordeal.
    You will eventually need to pick up potassium at the store you buy from. I've always added potassium but, lately since, my tank is so small I do 8% water changes every day and don't bother with it.
    There are two main potassium products that zeoVit sells either one will work, although the strong stuff is more concentrated.
    I would add a large dose of start3 if you have not yet done that to make sure the tank is cycled Dose 5 ml per 25 gallons net water volume daily for 2 – 3 days. as the guide states. then Subsequently, dose 1 ml per 25 gallons net water volume over a period of 2 weeks. if you have no fish and corals in the tank at this time

    I highly recommend you read the guide


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      If you like to get a dosing recommendation for the start please share some more information about your system by answering the follwoing questions:

      Non of the products you have listed do decrease the potassium level, do you have already corals or fish in the system ?



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        welcome. Basically this is not a problem, most of all corals are healthy and growing well in nutrient deprivation. Certain coniferous forms of skimmer reduce potassium. The ones you mentioned, don't "actively" reduce potassium levels.