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Changing salt to KZ Reefer´s Bio Reef Salt

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  • Changing salt to KZ Reefer´s Bio Reef Salt

    Dear All,

    I have one question.

    I am doing regular water exchange (about 10%) every week.

    Now I ordered KZ Reefer´s Bio Reef Salt Premium Quality.

    I read that I can change only 5% once in two weeks with this salt.

    So I am thinking when I can switch from 10% weekly to a new scheme?

    In this moment, my tank is filled with 100% of actual salt. With every exchange, I mix it more and more with the new Reefer Bio Salt.

    When do you think I can count my tank as filled with KZ Reefer salt and change water only once in 2 weeks? (5%)

    Many thanks


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    The regular water changes are done to refresh consumed / accumulated elements in a balanced way so basically the more consumers are in such a system the “more” water changes can be done to optimize corals coloration and growth. Basically for a medium stocked reef (corals) 5 – 10% weekly works well. I have found the right quantity for my systems by starting with weekly 5% for lets say 4 weeks to get a feeling which improvements I do observe after the water change. After that I do a water change of 10% once and if I notice further improvements I increased the weekly water changes.