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Automatic dosing of Zeostart – Questions

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  • Automatic dosing of Zeostart – Questions

    Dear All,

    I know this topic was already discussed here on this forum, but I would like to be sure I will not make any mistakes.

    So please apologize to me I am asking.

    I started an automatic Zeovit reactor, and I would like to start also automatic dozing of Zeostart. (because I often travel for more days)

    I read about diluting on this forum, so I would like just ask if my plan is correct:

    1, boil the RODI water and let it cool down to room temperature
    2, use sterilized glass as a container which can be closed
    3, mix Rodi with the Zeostart.

    I would prefer to make the mix of 20 to 1. I need to doze only a small amount – twice a day, 0,2 ml of Zeostart and my dosing system is not extra accurate.

    Is 1:20 ratio OK?

    So I would mix 25 ml of Zeostart with 500 ml RODI water and I get 5% solution, correct?

    And then, I will dose per one dosing: 4 ml of solution, it should correspond to 0,2 ml of Zeostart?

    One more question – if I travel for one week, I will let it automatically dose the Zeostart but is it not a problem if I do not add the Zeobac?

    Many thanks for your kind support


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    #11 in the link has a detailed description

    Basically no problem, but dosing should be resumed as soon as possible,maybe friends and family can help to do this (Give drops to Zeo Bac)

    For a new tank/initial stage, as a Zeo value core (bacteria/reduced nutrition/stable biology), the base product dosing is really important, it's the foundation of everything.


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      Your calculation to dose 0.2 ml ZeoStart per day undiluted ZeoStart twice a day is correct, if you dilute it as planned dose 4 ml of the diluted mixture twice per day.

      The correct ZeoBac dosage for your system with a net water volume of 200 liters would be 2 drops 2 x weekly. If you travel in one week for example and if you are not able to dose in this time just dose 4 drops when you return, this should not cause any issues.



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        Dear Jacky and Alexander,

        many thanks!