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    Do we have to follow a specific procedure when adding new corals to a Zeolith system?

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    The guide layouts a way to add sps from the beginning of the tank.

    If your tank is already set up you can still follow some of the guide.


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      "Do we have to follow a specific procedure", please forgive me for not understanding what you mean, what procedure are you referring to?

      Links provided by Bugger, you can refer to, he is always enthusiastic to help everyone


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        Basically no, you can just add corals in a system which is running with ZeoVit already.



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          Sorry it's a Google translation, I mean when I buy new corals, do you have to pay attention to something special because the new ones are not used to the zeolith system

          but Alexandre gave the response.



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            Personally I never really did anything different when acquiring new pieces. If your tank is full of nutrients and PO4 and NH3 and you shock the system with zeovit; if your corals experience a sudden reduction in nutrients they can suffer so we generally ask people to do the three hours on three hours off with the zeovit stones.

            Is your tank a new tank or do you already have corals in the tank.


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              No I have put the system in place since April 2022, I detect 10mg of nitrate (salifert) and 0.00 in4 (hanna ulr), but the new necrosis of the base directly yet I acclimatize them well to the light ...


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                What specie acropora are we talking about. Its only been two months let the system run for another 8 months before adding sensitive acropora.

                If you haven't followed the guide by adding

                8. Dosage

                The addition of ZEObak, ZEOstart and Sponge Power can be started now.

                ZEObak: 5 ml per 100 liters/25 gallons
                ZEOstart: 10 ml per 100 liters/25 gallons
                Sponge Power: 3 ml per 100 liters/25 gallons

                on day two then waiting 12 days and only adding encrusters such as montipora.


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                  Ha no sorry, the zeovith system was started 2 months ago but the tank is more than a year old.
                  I take picture tomorrow


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                    Before I add new corals to the system, I personally do the act of quarantining the new corals, immersing the bag in a sump (old water does not overflow into the sump) and then keeping it at the same temperature, slowly adding the water from the system to the bag. That's all.