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should I get coral system 1-4 or sea complex.

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  • should I get coral system 1-4 or sea complex.

    I currently have a ULN tank running on a large refugium, I dose all three main nutrients but the one thing that I don't replenish is my macro and trace elements so I've been looking at the product lines and I'm considering getting coral system 1-4 but I'm not sure if this will cover all the elements that I need to replenish. Should I pair this with other products?

    is the sea complex a combination of all 4 bottles? should I get that instead?

    essentially I would like some guidance on what products I should get for replenishing my trace&macro nutrients and some products I can pair with them for coral coloration as well.

    I would try out the ZEOvit system but my tank stand is too small to fit a reactor in the stand

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    Hello Leonardo and welcome to !

    Trace element complex is a very “old” product which was designed to dose classical trace elements like many have done in the past however for a nutrient poor system I would recommend you to use the Coral System 1-4 if yo like to give the korallenzucht products a try. Start with 50% of the recommended quantity and observe your corals for changes, than you can step by step increase the quantity to the recommended level if necessary and if you observer “better” results from a higher dosage. If corals tissue gets darker just reduce the dosing quantity again.



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      I ended up going with coral system 1-4 as one of the bottles contained organics and amino acids. also how long should I wait between changes in dosages? I was planning on dosing 50% but I'm going to wait an additional 2 weeks as I just did a water change. I noticed that coral system 1-4 doesn't have some trace elements such as Iron, will that be a problem in the future or should I buy another bottle containing the trace elements that coral system 1-4 doesn't have?


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        I think, you can start at 50%, 2 times a week. Usually after dosing, the appearance of corals is reflected in the next day, of course, the appearance of the effect also depends on the nutrient concentration and content and the number of doses. Yellow coral seems to be a good indicator to watch

        The purpose of water changes is to refresh/replenish the elements in a balanced way, usually 5-10% per week.

        As G. said, too much/too much, trace elements, make the coral tissue black, so proceed in a gradual manner and observe the appearance of the coral. In addition, I consider the balance of basic water parameters (including potassium) to be stable at NSW levels, which is an important foundation.


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          If you like to “experiment” with the dosing quantities I would wait about 2 weeks between the changes, this will give you a good feeling for the products and additional give you enough time to observe changes. I have usually dosed iron to improve green coloration in corals but I would not rate it as a product which must be dosed additional, you might use it later if necessary.