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Zeovit system and fish

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  • Zeovit system and fish

    Dear All,

    I have one question – does the fish crew somehow influence the whole system of dozing?

    As I understand, the whole Zeovit system should lead conditions in the tank to very low nutrition status, and then it is manually dosed to ideal status by KZ products.

    Can the number of fish in the tank somehow influence this?

    Is the Zeovit system mainly created for coral-mainly tanks?

    Many thanks


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    The size and number of fish affects the load capacity of the entire tank, which is the same for any system. We can't say there is only ZeoVit system.

    Most corals of all general classes are derived from marine-like nutrient concentrations and adapted to such environments. Compared with different general types of corals, SPS is more delicate (higher difficulty), (PO4 – 0.00 – 0.02 mg, NO3 – 0,00 – 5 mg) Under such conditions, SPS corals grow healthy without problems . Relative to other general types of coral, there is no problem naturally.

    「ZEOvit phases depend on the nutrient level & coral appearance. Nutrients are relatively high[with "pooled-reserves"] & corals are dull in coloration. Polyp-extension may or may not be present.

    Consider phase 1 the initiatation of ZEOvit method. The basic 4 are used to reduce nutrients in a balanced manner. As nutrients & "reserves" are depleted, the corals become brighter, lighter in appearance & the quantities of the zeo's dosed becomes less.

    Enter phase 2[~3-6mos], the corals continue to colorize more & nutrients are becoming more exhausted. During this phase, however, if dosing is stopped for more than a few days, nutrients again begin to rise, & corals become darker. This is due to "pooled-reserves" still remaining available.

    Phase 3[5-10months] is characterized by stable nutrients & color appearance of the corals, ie. if the zeo's are not dosed for many days, the N03's/P04's do not increase & coral colors remain fast. In this phase, the stored nutrients are exhausted, as evidenced by the low quantites of Bak/Food7/Start used, with coral color intensive.」

    I think the above is a proper and correct concept for your reference

    It can be a gradual and slow process, it takes some time to work, and it can be achieved simply and easily. But it can also be a "not easy" process, for some people.
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      Dear Jacky,

      Many thanks for your kind info. I am now in mid of phase 2 and slowly introducing some fish it. (200 net liter of water - one fox face, two small clowns, one gobi, and one fairly tail wrasse).

      So if I understand you well, the whole eco-system will be slowly able to implement and work with some extra load that comes from fish, correct?

      I wanted to add a few more fish now, as the numbers of PO4, and NO3 are fine after the first month with fish, so I hope this should not create some big jump back.

      My question was more about how original dosing is calculated – with fish or without fish as I can imagine this can be a big difference from the point of the load. (from fish excrements, feeding, and so).

      I did not find any information on KZ original web sideshow/if to adjust it according to the fish crew.

      Maybe to change the zeovit filter media more often e.g.?

      What is please your experience – do you have fish in your tank? If yes – has this fact had some influence on the whole KZ system?

      I estimate that the fish should not be the problem if the tank is not overfilled (but this would be a problem for all systems, as you correctly mentioned)I just do not want to make some mistake in the beginning.

      Many thanks for understanding



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        I can't give you an exact number of fish. In our main tank, coral is the main axis and fish is the supplement. Slowly increasing the fish embellishment is feasible as long as the nutrient concentration can be effectively stabilized at the low end, but I think there is always a "limit" to it.

        @My question was more about how original dosing is calculated – with fish or without fish as I can imagine this can be a big difference from the point of the load. (from fish excrements, feeding, and so).

        I'm sorry, I don't understand your question, I'm really sorry. Do you mean the original Zeo dose in relation to the fish? If so, my reply is - Zeo dose is related to net water volume, it is not related to fish quantity. Basically every 1 drop/1ml corresponds to 25 US gallons.

        @Maybe change the zeovit filter media more frequently, eg?

        (Like I can't give you one about the relationship with the fish, the medium basically provides pores for the bacteria to live in, they also need time to grow, it's mostly a balanced way to control regulation by flow to reduce nutrition and biology well positive development. I wouldn't use it to correspond to fish. Maybe CoralSnow Plus is a better choice, and it's better to influence from the side without turbulent to the core of biology)
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          Dear Jacky, many thanks - I am not a native speaker, so the mistake is on my side for sure. J

          I will continue step by step – I will introduce just few fish now and wait another two months to see how this work.

          Many thanks again!


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            Basically fish can be kept in nutrient poor systems additional if the nutrient export and the fish load to the ratio of the system is balanced which means as long as neither PO4 or NO3 does increase and can be kept solid nutrient poor it will not have any kind of a negative impact to the fish, also not to the dosage of the basic system. Fish do create some additional coral “food” which is basically a good thing.



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              many thanks!