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KZ coral system with Calcium Reactor

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  • KZ coral system with Calcium Reactor


    I have a question regarding the KZ coral system 1-4. The last year or so my tank has been on the Triton method, and as of today I installed a DaStaCo calcium reactor. In the triton method there are already some trace elements of course, and I was dosing Manganese, Strontium,Iodine, Fluor additionally. And a daily addition of acropower for amino acids.
    Now I decided to try out the KZ coral system in conjunction with the calcium reactor to have a complete blend of trace elements, since the DaStaCo media is only pure alkalinity and calcium. I see that I should add 5ml/100L weekly. My tank net volume is 700L, so I should dose 35ml a week. My triton consumption is around 120ml a day, which is roughly a 2,5 dkh usage a day in my tank, so quite some uptake (80% sps).

    Now my questions:
    • Should I start with the 35ml weekly, or start with half and see what happens?!
    • Is it better to divide the dosage and dose 5ml/day instead of 25ml week. Of course it would be better for me to dose weekly, so i don't have to put all of on the dosing pump. But if there is a better result to be expected with daily dosing, of course I will do that. Especially with bottle 3, the amino's, I can image daily dosing would be preferable.
    • I see that there is no Iron in it, should I dose this separately? I'm running a PaxBellum Cheato reactor, and i guess there is some Iron in the Triton mix, which i won't have anymore with the DaStaCo.
    • Are there people here that use this system in conjunction with a DaStaCo?
    Thanks in advance guys

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    Welcome to !

    As the corals system neither does add KH or Ca you can use your CaCO2 reactor with it. You will have the best results with the Coral System in a solid nutrient poor system. Would recommend you to start with 606 of the recommended quantity, while observing your corals for a couple of weeks. If corals tissue does not get darker you can try to increase the dosing quantity in steps until you feel it is optimal for your system, dose it like recommended once per week. If you have the feeling that your green corals do not have intensive green coloration you can add a iron based supplement additional otherwise just run your system as it is.

    Hope this helps a little bit and please let us know if you have additional questions.



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      Hi Alexander, thanks for your response. What do you mean start with 606 of the recommended quality?
      And if no iron is dosed to the system, won’t my cheato stop growing then?


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        Sorry it was a typo, should mean 50%. Usually the algae should be still growing but the growth rate might decrease so of this happens you can start dosing this element but I would recommend to first start without.



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          Thank you Alexander. I started with 50% now of thr coral system 1,2,4. The amino acids I didn’t dose yet, since I have some cyano at the moment, and in my experience this will take of on amino acids. I have some more questions:
          -Is the full zeovit method also possible with calcium reactor instead of with the separate chemicals for ca/kh/mag?
          -Are macro algae used in full zeo setup? I don’t tthink so right. Is there a way to still use the cheato reactor in conjunction with a calcium reactor and KZ coral systems 1-4, and then dose the Zeobak, Zeostart and zeofood? So without the zeolite reactor. Or will the cheato simply die because the bacteria will be competing for the food?
          - Is switching to full zeo a risk in a system which is running for a year already?

          System runs around 5 nitrates and 0.06-0.10 phosphates, just with the cheato reactor, no other phosphate removers or carbon sources. And I feed heavy.

          thanks in advance


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            I try to reply you with my thoughts.

            1. Ensure that the medium quality has no additional trace elements, and make the basic water parameters as close to the NSW level as possible.

            2. I don't have equipment for macroalgae etc. in my Zeo system, so can't say anything good, there is no such item in the regular Zeo manual, of course, you can use such equipment, but basically it's not required. As far as I know (minimal experience) there are also categories of algae, some that like nutrition and some that don't like being nutrient-poor, (probably so).

            Any system has a hidden risk in its switching, the important thing is that the process should be done gradually and slowly, Zeo is a bacterial system, they need some time to get the job done better and need a little patience.

            @no other phosphate remover or carbon source - I think that's a good thing, I would recommend switching to the ZeoVit system to start with the full ZeoVit system base product. The way the switch is made, If all goes well, you can slowly remove the algae setup later. (I will do it)
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              You can use the full ZeoVit system with a CaCO2 reactor also.

              Keeping algae in your sump is also possible as long as they do not die off because of the reduced nutrients however I expect they will just grow slower than usual but basically they are not necessary.

              As Jacky said, if you like to convert to the full ZeoVit system you should do this slow. Running the ZeoVit reactor with a 3 hour on / off interval for the pump for the first 6 – 8 weeks is helpful. If you plan to please let us know so we can recommend you a startup dosage and also please post some more details about you system: