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ZeoStart dosing with high/low weeks

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  • ZeoStart dosing with high/low weeks

    ZeoStart question... The bottle indicates 2ml / 250g per day - which makes things nice and easy to auto-dose. The KZ Zeovit PDF Guide states ZeoStart dosing should be halted during the week of higher ZeoFood dosing, not something that can be achieved with a dose programming! Anyone auto-dosing with a solution to this?

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    Zeo Start and Zeo Food are two different products. This seems to have an effect on biology if Zeo Start is stopped for a while. However Zeo Food, I see it as a nourishing product to fine tune the appearance and health of corals, and while it also seems to reduce nutrients, that's not my main purpose.


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      I have personally never stopped to dose ZeoStart but I have split the daily dosage to once in the morning and once in the evening. My dosing regimen for ZeoFood was different, I never dosed higher, usually 1 drop / 25 US gallons or 100 liters 2 x weekly is working very well for a nutrient poor environment.