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Please help! PO4 EVERYWHERE!!!

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  • Please help! PO4 EVERYWHERE!!!

    I’ve been using zeovit since day 1 on my 180 gal/56 gal sump (1 year, 8 mos). Around August I learned that I was not supposed to be using a UV, so I disconnected it. Since then, my po4 has been everywhere, usually residing in .9 flashing on my Hanna UL checker. My rodi is clean. I was reading that dry rock (I used 200 lbs) can leach po4, so I dosed lanthanum chloride for 2 weeks and got it down to .05! Stopped using it and it’s back up now to .6. My no3 stays under 5 regularly.
    the fish are happy, acros are very dark, but growing ok. My montis are like bad weeds, but weak skeletal systems. They break super easily. I use Hanna for no3, po4 (UL), alk, cal; apex for alk, cal, mag, ph; Red Sea for mag.

    I know I need a balance of no3 and po4, but I’m at a loss as to how to achieve this. Please help!!! I want to stop chasing this and know that what I’m doing is working.

    I’ll post a good pic with whites tomorrow.

    Oh, worth mentioning: I’ve used tropic marin pro reef forever. Since they are going down, I switched to instant ocean.

    Outfitted with:
    reef octopus skimmer classic 150
    poly fil in 2 4” filter cups (just changed from roller mat-hated it)
    marine pure block in sump
    Dos auto doses alk, cal, mag, sponge power, zeostart, pohls extra
    manual dosing zeobac and zeofood, coral snow and biomate
    daily feeding frozen with coral vitalizer, phyto and selcon
    1/2 sheet nori daily
    6week dosing of pods
    Too many cuc to count
    radion xr30’s on AB+ And T5’s bought new with tank
    Carbon and zeolite reactors

    Right now my parameters are:
    po4 .63
    no3 2.8
    alk 8.2 (bringing it down slowly)
    mag 1267 (trying to keep it stable so just set up dos for it)
    cal 426
    salinity 1.025
    ph 8.3

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    Hi ya, welcome.

    First off,
    coral snow plus
    Are great product to help removal of phosphates.

    - August 2021 if that’s correct. It will bounce around a little being still.

    Correct reactor flow and zeostart dosing.

    what brand of rock are you using.

    Yes, some rock can leach po4 for long periods of time.

    Rinsing frozen food in a few cups of tank water. dilutes the po4 in the food.( all foods have po4- frozen larger amounts)

    you can pull a small rock out of tank in a couple cups water,covered. let it sit 24h and test for po4
    - sand also seperate containers

    cross check with another phosphates meter !!
    test your RODI water
    test your salt after mixing

    Carbon. Some brands of carbon leach po4.
    what brand are you using ??

    just a few ideas to help eliminate a few areas.



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      Take a small piece of the dry rock material you are using, immerse it in RO/DI water for 2hr, and measure the nutrient concentration. Some carbons also seem to have a chance to leach nutrients, you can also try this test to see if these two add nutrients

      What is the total type/quantity of fish?

      How efficient is the skimmer?

      Is there still some mechanical equipment that causes nutrient leaching?


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        Hello Jennifer and welcome to !

        Please also post your full dosing regimen, the ZeoVit quantity you use and the flow of your reactor.



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          Thank y’all.

          my fish are:
          yellow tang
          sailfin tang
          kole tang
          Atlantic blue tang
          mimic tang
          3 lyretail anthias
          5 blue chromies
          3 osellaris clowns
          aptasia eating filefish
          yellow coris wrasse
          melanarus wrasse
          lawnmmower blenny

          For zeovit I use:
          2 cups zeovit carbon every 2 weeks
          8 cups zeolite every 6 weeks
          zeoback 7 drops 3/week, 42 drops first week of month.
          zeofood 7 ml/day
          zeostart 7 drops/day
          coral snow plus 7 ml twice weekly
          Biomate 7 drops twice weekly
          spongepower 7 drops day

          do not know the flow of the reactor; it’s on a manifold
          skimmer pulls skimmate off very nice. Not too wet, not dry
          i checked my rodi. It’s 0. Change filters every 6 weeks.
          no other mechanical filtration than what’s listed.
          suggestions on reliable po4 meter?

          id like to start feeding pellets once a day on top of frozen. I’m too scared to raise it more though. Any suggestions?


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            Zeolite material quantity/flow, which does affect the concentration of nutrient levels. Every 25 US gallons = 0.25 liters of zeolite material = maximum flow rate of 100 liters per hour. KZ Activated Carbon - Every 25 US gallons = 0.1 liters, use mesh bags, passive flight, 30 days replacement. (The water volume here refers to the Net water volume).

            What about your tank, Net water volume
            Not sure what capacity you mean by 1 cup

            Zeolite reactor flow level, this is quite important, is it possible to use a small container, collect the water outlet for 30 seconds, volume x 120, so that you can get the reactor flow per hour

            High doses of Zeo Bac at the beginning of each month, which are not necessary, especially in low nutrient-poor/healthy biology, darkening of coral appearance, and a stable low-nutrient environment over time, drastically reduce the frequency of Zeo basal, Usually 2-3 times a week.
            In addition, Zeo Bac-x 10 days after each time interval (replacement of zeolite material) recommended by the manufacturer


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              Net volume is 180 gallons
              2 cups of carbon (1/2 bag) goes in reactor every 2 weeks.


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                Net volume is 180 gallons, about 720 liters, zeolite material is 1.8 liters, and reactor outlet flow is 720 liters. KZ carbon - 0.7 liters - change every 3 weeks (using a reactor) (as it should be, I fly passively with a mesh bag)

                The replacement of the two materials is recommended to be separated by one week to avoid simultaneous replacement. Zeo Bac x10 days after each change of zeolite material

                Also collect the reactor outlet flow, the actual flow level is important. If you can't really measure, I'd recommend replacing the reactor, which might be a good option.

                Also, you've been using the ZeoVit system (year and 8 months) over time, if all is well (no leaching of extra nutrients, e.g. materials/etc) nitrates (NO3) should be on the low end, NO3 What is the level?


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                  Lets do some changes in your actual dosing regimen based on a net water volume of 180 US gallons / 680 liters:

                  2.5 cups zeovit carbon every 4 weeks passively flown
                  7.5 cups zeolite every 6 weeks
                  zeoback 7 drops 3/week // after each ZeoVit exchange daily for 10 days
                  zeofood 7 drops 2 x weekly
                  zeostart 0.7 ml 2 x daily so 1.4 ml total per day
                  coral snow plus 7 ml twice weekly
                  Biomate 14 drops every other day for 2 weeks, than 2 x weekly
                  spongepower 7 drops every other day

                  Adjust your skimmer to skim wet and clean it daily to export as much as possible for some time.

                  Please also measure the flow through your ZeoVit reactor by collecting the water from the reactor outlet for 30 seconds with a smaller container. Multiply the volume by 120 and you will get the exact output per hour, in your case it should be 180 US gallons per hour.

                  If you have sand in your system vacuum the sand every time while you do the weekly water changes for some time to remove sediments from the deeper sand layers.



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                    My no3 is great. Always under 5. Currently 2.6. I will adjust my zeovit products dosing and keep y’all updated. I’ll check on flow when my husbands off. (I just had back surgery, can’t get down there).

                    you said passively flown, does that mean I’m a mesh bag?


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                      Originally posted by Jenniferreichardt View Post
                      you said passively flown, does that mean I’m a mesh bag?
                      Yes, in a mash bag. Knead it every other day to prevent chanelling.



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                        Originally posted by Jenniferreichardt View Post
                        My no3 is great. Always under 5. Currently 2.6. I will adjust my zeovit products dosing and keep y’all updated. I’ll check on flow when my husbands off. (I just had back surgery, can’t get down there).

                        you said passively flown, does that mean I’m a mesh bag?
                        Correct, passive flight (the way you use a mesh bag). I wish you good health, good health to your family, physical and mental health, longevity and good health; get well soon