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    what is this? a silica based product?

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    I don't know the ingredients of the product, any Zeo products, no one knows the content. Maybe the Zeo manufacturer may know it, but I think this is a trade secret.

    Regarding my own personal experience, I can’t say that I’m right. This is my own experience and a little thought. What I want to say is that, except for nutrition/coloring products (most of them), other products smell "Sour taste", they all have a good effect on the biological side. (The above reference is not correct, no one told me, it comes from my personal experience and thoughts)

    Of course, not only "sour" products, but also other products, such as BioMate and others.


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      G.Alexander do you know if spongepower is a So2 source ? I have to add some silicates, should I increase spongepower or it's a totally different product ?


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        Sorry, can also not tell you anything about the ingredients but I do not expect it does contain silicates. You can easy find it out if you add a drop to some RO water doing a Si test which are available for the hobby.



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          I've always seen a positive effect using sponge power in my 220 mixed reef. This tank has a lot of sponge growth throughout the shaded parts of the rock and also has an established sand bed which I do not disturb. In my newly set up reef tank, I am using sponge power as well but the sand bed is not well established and there is not much sponge growth at the moment. I am experiencing what looks to be diatoms on the sand bed and frag plugs. I recently sent out an ICP test so it will be interesting to see what the Si reading is. Thinking maybe I'll stop the sponge power in the new tank for a while and see how the tank reacts.


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            It should be understood that Sponge Power is not only the growth of sponges, but the most important thing is to reduce nutrition, and it has a positive effect on the biological side. Please also understand that it is mentioned in the new guide that the dosage is recommended every other day, so please feel free to use it. Regarding "diatoms", please also check whether the quality of the water used is good. Some users have changed new zeolite materials to cause this situation, but not everyone. Usually some snails will help, I don't expect it to cause any major effects. (In addition, we have to clearly distinguish whether it is diatom or brown film)