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    Hi all
    I am starting the KZ coral system 4 part. I had a couple questions about the product. Do any of them need to be refrigerated? Can I pour them in a dosing container that doesnt have an air tight top without losing potency? There isnt much on instructions for this all I found was 5 ml per 25g per week. Anyone else have any more info then that in regards to using it? Thank you

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    Hello, I regret that I have not used the 4 parts of the Coral System. I think 1. The product does not need to be refrigerated 2. It is better to need an airtight top (to reduce the influence of humidity and dust in the air on the product)


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      The product does not need to be stored in the fridge, just at normal room temperature in a dry, dark place. It does not harm if the products has contact to air so you can use it in your dosing containers (each per product). Would be great if you post your experiences with the products in the future.