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Coral’s Love new product from zeovit

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  • Coral’s Love new product from zeovit

    i saw that there is new product called Coral’s Love

    is there any more details about this product and how can i use it or when ?

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    The product is relative new so not sure if there are already experiences however the product descriptions sounds promising. Sorry, can not tell you any kind of first hand experiences.

    If yo decide to use it it would be great if you post your experiences with it over here.



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      yes for sure
      i will try to get it and try it
      as i read in facebook from some comments i think it can be used alon
      so i might use it i a new frag tank to see how the growth and healing


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        I've been using corals love for about 2 months now and can't find anything positive or negative about it. the agent somehow smells like soup ;-) and also has visible particles. I wonder if it makes sense to dose the agent during the full lighting phase or rather in the dark phase?
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