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TropicMarin All-for-Reef and Zeovit?

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  • TropicMarin All-for-Reef and Zeovit?

    So Tropic-Marin makes a reef supplement system called all-for-reef which contains some trace elements, but raises alkalinity and calcium (to my understanding) basically using bacteria. That is, it is similar to doing any other KH, Ca, Mg additive system in that you add x amount, and your alkalinity, etc. go up Y. The difference is that it's bacteria based at least for alk and Ca, so there's an approximately 24 hour lag between addition and measurable effect (in a system without any alk consumption).

    Has anyone ever tried this system with zeovit? it seems to me there's the possiblility of the zeovit media intereferreing with the added bacteria cycle.

    (as to why you'd use this proudct: it's a proven way to supplement KH, Ca, Mg, and other manufacturer-decreed trace elements in one additive, vice a minimum of two additives required for other systems, to say nothing of 3 if you do KH, Ca, Mg seperately)

    ETA: I was incorrect. Randy Holmes Farley discusses teh chemisty of the additive here: (similar products are Tropic Marin carbocalcium and Salifert All-in-one)

    So calcium formate is added and organisms in the tank convert that into KH. Question still stands if there's anything to note when using such a product in a zeovit system.
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    I have never used Tropic-Marin, so I am not sure. Mixing different bacteria in the ZeoVit system does not work well, and this is not necessary. It is recommended to use high-purity chemical products instead of trace elements, as this usually works best.


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      Welcome to !

      From the product description I would say the product is a all in one trace element solution which does additional add a Ca, Mg and KH component beside other trace elements.

      In a nutrient poor system trace elements if overdosed can darken the coral tissue, the lower the nutrients are the quicker this will happen.

      I would say that your are not able to control the element addition with such products so I would not recommend it for nutrient poor systems.

      I would recommend to use separate pure supplements for the main water parameters, most trace elements are added by the regular water changes in a balanced way.



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        Thank you all. My apologies, this is not a trace element supplement, but it is a "one-part" KH, Ca, Mg dosing system based on dosing Ca, Mg, and calcium formate (Salifert's similar paroduct "All-in-One" uses calcium bicarbonate), the latter of which is processed into KH after x number of hours b biological processes in the tank. I like this kind of product for KH, Ca, Mg dosing because for a acropora-heavy nano it's much more convenient compared to various two part or three part supplementation systems. (note that if my plan were not for an acro tank, and if I instead focused on soft corals or anemonoes, i wouldn't bother with this and supplement only by water changes)

        It's the calcium formate/bicarbonate conversion process that I'm concerned about; this works in a non-zeovit tank (I used it previously in my 100L tank) but I'm worried that the calcium formate or bicarbonate processing into KH might be suboptimal or lead to unexpected effects.

        THAT SAID, you are very right to note that I don't want to dose additional trace elements, which both TM All for Reef and Salifert All in One have. If I want to bother with this KH/Ca/Mg supplementation system in a zeovit tank I'll need to use the versions without additional trace elements. (at least TM has that).

        Thanks again!


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          As long as it does not contain additional trace elements it should work fine if you are able to keep the levels balanced within the following ranges:

          KH 6.5 – 7.5
          Ca 400 – 420 mg
          Mg 1250 – 1300 mg

          I just see the problem that you are not able to control just one of those parameters with a all in one supplement, for example if the KH does decrease quicker than Ca and / or Mg you need to increase the dosage but this will also increase the Ca and / or Mg level higher than recommended but it might be worth a try.