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K-Balance Strong Not raising K levels

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  • K-Balance Strong Not raising K levels

    Good day,

    I have a 24 gallon aquarium that i have been moving over to KZ products in anticipation of a future full ZEO new aquarium Build. The aquarium is stocked as a mixed reef (mainly SPS and Zoas).

    NO3 - 1 ppm
    PO4 - .05 ppm

    Current dosing:
    Zeobak- 1 drop 2x per week
    CyanoClean - 2 drops daily
    1 ml FW stop, 1 drop coral vitalizer, 1 ml coral booster, and 1 drop sponge power - every other day
    B-Balance - 1ml daily
    Pohls Xtra - 1ml daily
    KZ iodide complex concentrate - 1 drop daily
    KZ Coral Amini - 1 drop daily
    BRS 2 part plus mag as needed (roughly 25ml of Alk and 25ml of CA daily) with tropic marin Balling part C (50 ml per day)

    For K-balance strong, I am up to 7ml daily and am testing for K twice a week using salifert's potassium test kit. K levels are staying between 330 and 340 consistently even though I have been slowly increasing the dose (started at 1ml daily).

    I am curious if others have experienced this or if there is any guidance on where the potassium could be going. I am running a protein skimmer and a fuge with Cheato (transitioning to carbon dosing). Currently, I am not using any activated carbon. Water changes occur every 2-3 weeks (4 gallons per water change).

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    What is the health of your corals and the expansion of polyps, such as the appearance of red corals such as Montipora, and is the red color full?

    Regarding magnesium, mag (approximately 25 ml of Alk and 25 ml of CA per day), this part may be different, and the consumption rates of magnesium and calcium are different. Usually in my water tank, 10% of the water is used every week to replace the magnesium, so that it can stabilize at the recommended level. I don't know, maybe the concentration of the medicine is different, maybe there is no problem.

    If it were me, I would get a new test package and cross-check it. Ensure the actual correct level


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      Everything is very happy except a duncan which has been retracted for a long time (before potassium dosing started). I have attached a picture of part of the tank as of now.


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        Thank you for the picture, the picture is very blue. It’s not very clear. It’s okay. Let’s get a cross-comparison of the new test package.


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          Can you tell us for how many days you have dosed the 7 ml daily ?

          Please also check the potassium level of your fresh mixed salt to make sure it has a adequate concentration.



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            I just started with 7ml this past weekend, so only a few days. I started with 1ml a day for about a month and then 2ml a day mid September. Around Every week since I have been increasing the daily dosage by 1ml and testing twice weekly.


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              Originally posted by jacky View Post
              Thank you for the picture, the picture is very blue. It’s not very clear. It’s okay. Let’s get a cross-comparison of the new test package.
              Ill take another picture with a filter or more white and upload it later. My test kit did match triton ICP results... but you are right, i will pick up another test kit to ensure mine isnt bad/expired.


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                Cross checking the test kit first is what I would do also. The potassium concentration in saltwater is as high as the calcium concentration so if you think you add 7 ml saturated Ca supplement to your system for three days the level will just increase very slow just to give you a idea about the rate.

                Lets reduce the dosage to 5 ml daily and split the addition to 5 times per day to prevent issues with your corals if you increase the level to quick, additional lets cross check the test kit result to make sure yours is working well.

                For the future I would also recommend to check if your salt mix has a adequate K+ concentration to prevent you from adding K-Balance all the time. Once the level is up the consumption is relative low usually.